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Have you ever had a reason to fall in love and hope they would cling on for life? No? Than this story might take you for a leap. Terri loves her best friend Brooke though they never exactly told one another. Terri did the most horrible mistake of her life marrying Monica whose heart is as worthless as a penny. Terri did everything she could to keep her marriage with Monica but when Monica slept around it made Terri realize their marriage wasn't worth it. Can Terri get away from Monica to be with her true love? Gale is a whole new leap for love, she's obnoxious, a full time nurse and hateful but despite everything she is in for a trail of love that can save her from being disrespectful, a one of a kind woman changes all that. Brianna is a rebel at age sixteen, her best friend Amelia is a complete nerd compare to Brianna being popular. Though their love is bounded by nothing to hold on too. Brianna and Amelia want what their mothers have a committed relationship that leads to a successful marriage but their love isn't clinging so well. Can a rebellious Brianna change to be with Amelia once and for all? *you're imagination is involved with these characters, I am not writing details because I feel we could use a little imagination to create our own characters.

LGBT+ For over 18 only.

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Main Character List

Terri – She's a lesbian with a rugged look of short hair with muscle shirt, over shirt and loose blue jeans.

Brooke – She's a bisexual with a girly girl style long hair curles with dresses and heels.

Leah – She's a bisexual with a tough muscle look wearing baggy shirt, baggy blue jeans.

Lavender – She's a bi curious with a model look very thin and beautiful with dresses that are mini with very high heels.

Rose – She's a lesbian with ragged clothes that tore very poor woman that is a bully.

Gale – She's a lesbian with preppy style lots of make up, long nails and short skirts an light blouses.

Amelia – She's a bisexual with nerdy look with freckles, baggy clothes.

Brianna – She's a lesbian with a gothic style, all black clothes.

A/N: Kyle is supposed to be Kylie but Google Docs wouldn't correct it even when I went to Publish it, so yes, it was supposed to be another female.

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