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A short Chronicle of Grand Sages, Heralds, & Dimensions! A Seraph Cell is discovered by a Herald of Darkness who attempts to corrupt it. A Herald of Light attempts to take it as well, causing Grand Sages to be dispatched to protect it. To see the characters, take a look at my IG @labyrinthofcreation_teg.official

Fantasy Dark Fantasy Not for children under 13.

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In the Labyrinth of Creation, there are countless universes, each one different from the last. But among those universes there exist binary dimensions called Gems, more commonly referred to as Seraph Cells.

These Cells are two dimensions of a whole, consisting of a Radiant Zone representing the light & an Umbral Zone representing the dark. It is a balanced system between light & dark that is monitored by the Grand Legion for the Forge Master. Though there are celestial bodies in both zones, there exists no sentient life in these Cells. That is because once the Cells mature they will become a balanced Seraph that will serve the Forge Master & Grandmaster in restoring balance to universes that have been completely overwhelmed by light or corrupted by darkness.

The forces of light can take the Cell and overwhelm it, thus turning it into a Titan that will serve Lady Sidaya. The same can be done by the Darkness corrupting the Cell, turning it into a Fiend that will serve Lady Koedei.

One such Cell was discovered in the Northern region of the Labyrinth by a powerful Herald of Darkness, named Typhon. Sent on an excursion of the 57th Section of the Labyrinth to find a universe to corrupt, his armada stumbled upon the Cell resting alone with no Forge Knights guarding it. This meant it had yet to be discovered by even the Grand Legion, which wasn't common considering the Grand Legion held authority spanning the entire Labyrinth.

With this discovery confirmed, Typhon would then travel to the Depths of the Darkness, a place of no light whatsoever, where Lady Koedei and her most renowned followers resided.

Somewhere in the Depths of the Darkness, there exists an entity with horrific power, who feeds off of hatred & evil. This entity is a Disciple of Darkness herself.

Typhon would arrive in the depths to inform him of the Cell he had found. Upon approaching the throne, the immensity of the Disciple's power weighed down on him as if trapped by the gravity of a million black holes. Before sharing his findings, Typhon kneeled out of respect for his Master.

Typhon: "Master, I've found one of the Gems, a binary dimension... a Seraph Cell. One that has yet to be discovered by the Grand Legion.”

The Disciple looked down at Typhon with his single red glowing eye. Then he spoke with a deepness that would give anyone the feeling as if they were communing with evil itself.

Disciple: "Excellent. You have done well, Typhon my apprentice. This new Cell will aid in our goal to claim control over the entire Northern region."

Typhon: "I agree my Master, and I have already prepared my Army to acquire it. I will depart as soon as I have your blessing."

Disciple: "It is given, now go, and corrupt the Seraph Cell so that it may become a Fiend that serves her majesty, Lady Koedei."

Typhon: "As you wish my Master, it shall be done."

Typhon rose to his feet and exited the Disciples castle. He gathered his three Apostles, and lead his army straight for the Cell. Using a dimensional gate Typhon’s armada could travel along spatial highways in the hyperspace to faster cross the vast space of the northern region. They would exit the gate at the borders of the Cell, where they were met by the Solardust Armada, commanded by Sekhmet, a powerful Herald of Light.

Sekhmet had originally been charged with protecting the Luminous Quintet, a group of five completely Light-influenced universes. But while defending them their surveillance detected Typhon’s Armada moving in their direction.

Geldius: “My Lady, it appears we’ve spotted a Dark Fleet.”

Sekhmet: “Where and how large?”

Geldius: “2500 ships have stopped in open interversal space roughly 17 Terva Units away.”

Sekhmet stares out the front windshield of the command deck, observing the enemy fleet with her powerful eyes. The Dark Fleet suddenly wisps away through a dimensional gate in the opposite direction. Sekhmet looks curious and speculates on what the Dark Fleet might have found. She then rose to her feet and gave Geldius an order.

Sekhmet: “Contact Tsukuyomi and notify her of the situation, tell her I'm taking 1500 ships from my fleet and investigating the area.”

Geldius was confused as to the Order. Sekhmet had an entire fleet of 3500 ships, 1500 separating could be crippling to the defense of the Quintet.

Geldius: “But my Lady, won’t that significantly affect the Solardust Armada’s mission here?”

An angered Eindrac approaches Geldius with the willingness to strike him down. He was extremely loyal to Lady Sekhmet and referred to her as the Golden One.

Eindrac: “You would dare question the Golden One? Watch your tongue Geldius, before I shall have to cut it out.”

Geldius: “Be my guest you third-rate caster!”

Sekhmet: “That’s enough!

Shocked by Sekhmet, Geldius and Eindrac would immediately cease their hostilities towards each other and apologize to her.

Sekhmet: “Do not worry Geldius, Tsukuyomi has a fleet of 7000, and she’ll be in command of my remaining fleet as well. They will be fine.”

With order restored, Sekhmet and her excavation fleet would depart towards the empty space where the Dark Fleet had stopped and then left. Upon arrival, the crew would instantly see it, the Gem.

Sekhmet: “A Seraph Cell...”

Typhon would have returned in time as Sekhmet’s Apostles were entering the Umbral Zone of the Cell where they would create Fonts of Radiance that would flood the Umbral Zone with cosmic light. He quickly dispatched his three Apostles and sent them into the Radiant Zone where they would create Umbralite Mosses that would drain the dimension of its cosmic light, leaving nothing but cosmic darkness.

While the Apostles of both factions carried out their roles, the armies of Typhon and Sekhmet would engage in a cosmic battle for the Cell. The battle was fierce, to the point of shaking the very fabric of interversal space. Little did they know that the alterations being performed by the apostles were like a wailing beacon as the Cell screeched out in fear. This screech could only be heard by those of the Twilight.

This screech triggers an alarm in the Grand Legion giving them the exact location of the Cell. The Grand Legion would send a Grand Sage Knight to deal with it. And like any other Sage, she would not be happy with such a transgression made against a child of the Twilight.

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