“ hi I am Eden Nora. People say a smile can light open a room right?. Well who ever said that is the dumbest person a live. Because ever time I see his smile it make me want to punch his face but yet at the same time it make my heart skip a beast. NO! Why are you saying that you can’t like that dummy he annoying and he’s a butt face “ “Hi I am Isaac Ryan and I like Eden .. NO WAIT! I don’t just like her I am in love with her. She the reason wake up in the morning, she the reason I keep living, she the reason I always have a smile to my face…”

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hi this is not a chapter this is me just telling you how must of them look and act

Eden Nora:

she is really small she like 4.11 and she has nice brown eyes. her hair is two colors , one half is yellow and the other half is black. she love cat and too play video games. she is also 15. she a big weeb.(weeb are big anime fans )

Issac Nathen:

issac is 16 year old and she has blue hair and green eyes. he is around 5.9. he really funny and sweat. he likes to take photos of the thing he loves.

aline ryan:

she a really funny and crazy she likes to draw. she has blonde hair and blue eyes. she 5.0. she a big time weeb too

Nicolas ( nick ) grey:

he is a clam cool guys. most of the time he jsut likes to be on his phone. he has brown hair and green eyes. he is 5.8

Hazel mayson

one word annoying.she a pick me up. she loves to date and to bully. she has pink hair that was originally blonde. she 5.1.

all of the photos in my book are not mine

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