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*Unedited* Charles and Jessie Jones had been struggling to conceive a baby for years. They saw numerous doctors and did all kinds of treatments. But unfortunately, nothing worked. However, their lives took a deep dramatic change. After they visited sorcery named Lilly Wilson and begged her for a baby. It was the biggest mistake they ever made in their lives. If they could turn back the time. Am pretty sure they will never let their emotions get the best of them. Maybe their daughter Annabella will never be cursed. Because of their desire to have a child of their own. Ā©copyright 2022 By Milla All Rights Reserved

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Chapter I

March 1981

It was exactly eight O'clock. The lightning shimmered, the rain was pounding down hard, the thunder was roaring and the wind was moaning like the noise of a motorcycle.

The weather was so bad. That most people are already curled up in their beds.

Except for a couple.

Charles drove around a small neighborhood for about an hour, with his wife Jessie sitting in the passenger seat.

They were on the way to Lilly Wilson's house. Because they had an appointment with her that evening.

After a few circles to locate her house. Jessie finally spotted it in a distance.

However, they were not a hundred percent sure if that was her house. Because it was extremely difficult for them to see outside the window, with that heavy rain.

Even that. They decided to go to that house and asked where Lilly Wilson lived.

So Charles parked his car beside the curb and they grabbed their umbrellas from the backseat. They stepped out of the car, covered up, and ran onto the porch.

They closed their umbrellas and Charles rang the doorbell.

"Do you think there's someone home?" He anxiously asked Jessie.

Jessie said, "I don't know love. We are already two hours late. I hope she allowed us to explain our was selves."

"Huh, me too" and he rang the doorbell again.

A few minutes later...

The door creaked open slowly and an old woman glared at them through a half-open door.

"Good evening, ma'am," Charles said to her as he approached the door.

"Good evening. Can I help you?" That old woman answered back with a furious voice.

"We are looking for a woman named Lilly Wilson. Do you know where she lived, please?"

She smiled and said, "Well, I think you are already at her house talking to her."

"You are Lilly Wilson?" Charles asked her excitedly.

She nodded, "Yes, am her" and raised her right eyebrow, "And you are?"

"My name is Charles Jones and this is my wife Jessie Jones. We have an appointment with you."

"Oh, you are the Jones couple who booked an appointment with me two weeks ago?"

"Yes ma'am, we are them," Jessie replied.

"You are late." Madam Lilly stop smiling and gave them a disappointed stare.

Jessie approached the door and started to apologize, "We are extremely sorry for being so late ma'am. We got lost on the way here, because of that bad weather. Please, forgive us."

Madam Lilly looked at them from head to toe with a smirked face and rolled her blue eyes.

She stepped aside, opened her door wide, and told them to enter inside.

They said thank you and walked inside.

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