green-day99 Nanyca Ágatha Bennyngton

It's a little adult novel Which talks about a hybrid named Billie and a human named Nanncy

Romance Erotic For over 18 only.

In progress - New chapter Every week
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The beginning

Many years ago in the world of fairies!, fairies goblins and other magical creatures everything was calm and these creatures were getting ready for the beginning of spring when everything was ready they went to rest for a great night party, as soon as night falls they began the dancing and singing gnomes and goblins with their antics and pranks played tricks on everyone fairies and nymphs dancing while the bright moon illuminated everyone but someone wasn't happy it was the old castle mage because he hated all that animation, disgusted with everything he goes down to the dungeon, where he's trapped a hybrid a man half angel and half devil he takes a piece of hot iron and puts it on the creature's skin which lets out a sad wail the mage then tells him

___you are a useless beast!!no one loves you and will never love you, I'm the only one who will give you shelter and food, but....if you eliminate these creatures I will leave you free to walk around the castle

but as soon as the mage opened the braids of the padlocks , the creature spread his wings and like a bullet he flew out of the castle to kill the creatures he killed only two fairies because the others ran and hid he kept trying to find them he had to return to the castle, arriving there the old wizard was waiting for him and as his angel half could not lie he told the mage everything, the mage was very angry and was offending the hybrid the old mage trapped the creature and for decades it was trapped

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