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This is Pharma Quiz for Pharmacy students Preparing for Job interviews in Hospital and Pharmacy Shops The idea behind creating this quiz is to develop an aptitude to identity different pharmaceutical dosage forms which are available in the market as well as in the Hospital Formulary. Author is well experienced in Pharmacy Retail Industry and Hospital Pharmacy.

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Pharma Quiz

1.What is the Odd man out of the following:

a. Ranitidine

b. Ciprofloxacin

c. Azithromycin

d. Teicoplanin

2. What is the Odd man out of the following:

a. Acetyl- Cysteine 600 mg

b. Iv Potassium Chloride

c. Iv insulin

d. Iv Magnesium Sulphate

3. Which is Odd man out of the following:

a. Calamine

b. GammaBenzene Hexachloride

c. Halobetasol propionate

d. Chest Drainage Catheter 28 F

4. Which is the Odd man out of the following drugs

a. Glucometer strip

b. Cobra

c. Mirena Device

d. Human Normal Immunoglobulin

5. True or False

Adrenaline, Dopamine and Dobutamine are inotropic agent drugs.

6. True or False

Nemodipine is antiemetic drug.

7. True or False

Calcium Gluconate, Dextrose with Saline, Ringer's Lactate, Potassium Chloride, Sodium chloride are medicines for correcting water electrolyte and acid-base disturbances.

8. Which drug is Odd-Man-Out in Tachyarrythmia ?

a. Adenosine inj

b. Amiodarone inj

c. Magnesium Sulphate inj

d. Verapamil inj

e. Procainamide HCl inj

f. Ethambutol

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