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A dialogue view of two dwarves mining in the great caverns of Orebor. Their Dwarf King lays heavy burdens upon them, however, the king’s wrath compares not to the mountain’s rage.

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Into The Mountain

"Good morning Haggens!" shouts Dorrum.

"Morning Dorrum." replies Haggens.

"Are we ready to make another day's wage?" Dorrum asks.

"Aye, even if it be only a smidgen of what we hack from the mountain."grunts Haggens.

"Agreed, the king's collectors do ransack a heavy impost on our unearthing." Dorrumutters.

"Not to mention the mighty king's toll for the bridge that enters into the mine, or the excise taxes he has placed over the production and sale on our small takeaway from the caverns. Nor let us forget his tariffs upon our ores, for incase we desire to trade elsewhere beyond his borders." rants Haggens.

"Aye, heavy are the levies-" chants Dorrum.

"-and, heavier is the crown." Haggens finishes.

"Haha come now, Haggens, let us not be late. For I hear today there be another assessment." says Dorrum.

"So his majesty's belly is yet not full from the fine dishes he imports for himself at the cost of our ores?" Haggens asks.

"I'm afraid not, and a pig's belly it is to be filled." smirks Dorrum.

"Too true, my friend. Yet, we better be silent in our tone for the king, for there be guards up ahead." Haggens mentions.

"Aye, I see the bridge. Let us cross over and pay the fee, then be on our way." Dorrum emplores.

"Very well."agrees Haggens.

"READY YOUR TOLLS!" the guards shout.

"None shall pass without paying contribution to his majesty!"declares General Arvir.

"Ahh! General, I knew you would be here to grace us with your presence." jests Dorrum.

"Dig-off Dorrum! Besides, I am here at the entrance every morning, today be no different." huffs General Arvir.

"Aye true, but I hear today there is a wedding to take place at the castle; should not a high ranking dwarf as yourself be at attendance?" asks Dorrum.

"Never mind my business and worry about your own. Today is another assessment, so your laboring better be at it's finest." replies General Arvir.

"Now carry on, the both of you, and go see Farlig inside; he's been asking for you two." the General Arvir orders.

"Come along Dorrum. We have better things to do than bother with high-noses." says Haggens.

"Carefull Haggens, or I'll make sure you fall short of today's requirements." the General Arvir threatens.

"Come now, I see Farlig just ahead." suggests Dorrum.

"Dorrum! Its about time you leaden-foot. I've been waiting here all morning for you two!" Farlig cries out.

"Farlig, it's good to see you too. Now, what be the reason for your wait?" Dorrum asks.

"You tell me you old halfling!" Farlig asks shouting.

"We just had a bit of trouble at the bridge is all, with General Arvir of course." answers Dorrum.

"More fun than trouble I'd say." adds Haggens.

"Ahh I see. Did you wish the little ring-kisser a good day for me?" asks Farlig.

"Haha! I doubt his high ears would even hear it!"Dorrum answers.

"Hahaa!" laugh Dorrum and Farlig.

"Alright you two, you've had your daily mockery. Now, Farlig, why is it that you've been asking for us?" Haggens questions.

"Ah, yes, why is that now?" Dorrum adds.

"Aye, it's probably best we head on inside. We can talk somewhere privately in the tunnels." Farlig replies.

"Very well, after you then." says Dorrum.

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The conversation writing earns a smile out of me. The story brings delight!
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