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It was the start of summer and Dipper was super exited! In this story, you’ll find that the love of two people, or in this case a demon and a person, can be stronger than anything—Doesn’t matter what gender!

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Before Bill Became

It was the start of summer, and Dipper was super exited to be coming back to Gravity Falls! He missed his Uncles, Stan and Ford Pines, and missed the friends he made, like his old crush, Wendy. But the truth is----though he would never admit it----he would miss his old enemy, well, more like new crush, Bill Cipher. The bus came to a sudden stop, jerking his twin sister Mable awake, "Dipper? Are we here?" she asked, in an exited tone, but still half asleep, "I guess.." Dipper responded. Dipper wasn't as exited--Nor was he as tired--as his sister Mable. He sighed, This is going to be a long summer...

Or is it?

Please let me know if there is anything else you want me to make!

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To be continued... New chapter Everyday.

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