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Melissa Ann Summers, was a normal girl, living with her mum and dad, in Minnesota, but after she was tormented and sexually assaulted by a man she thought she knew. Her parents thought it was best to send her away, far away where she could live with her Aunty Alex Summers in the United Kingdom, London to be exact. Melissa thought she could hide her secret she wanted to hold dear, until she met CEO Mr Harry Styles of Co Happy, the number 1 business in the world manufacturing and making toys and collectables. Her life was flipped upside down and she finds herself falling for him.

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⚠️tigger warning scene:


I had just arrived home from my girls trip to Florida, for a week. It was cold when I arrived back home in Minnesota, it also was a little early as well about 5 am. I knew my parents would be at work since they work night shift at hospital. They work 15 hour shifts a day, I sighed softly as I walked to the front door of my house.

Grabbing my keys, I unlocked it and headed inside, locking the door shut behind me. I slowly made my way towards my bedroom, my feet dragging across the carpet as I did. I didn't notice the man standing in the house, since I was dead tired I thought it was the figure of my imagination.

The darkness of the house, still gave me a bit of the chills, every now and again. Just by the sound and the way the house looks, I've never liked the darkness here. I was beginning to make my way closer to my bedroom, that was until I heard something smash from behind me.

My heart rate doubled as I turned around to see no one there, I went to investigate the noise and noticed that a vase had fallen and smashed everywhere, maybe it was the wind? That knocked it over. I checked the windows to see they were locked.

How could the vase break then? I shrugged my shoulders and headed back upstairs to my bedroom, once inside, I shut my bedroom door and just as I was about to turn on the lamp until I felt someone grab my arm, I tried jerking my body away from the person.

Only for him to tug hard against my arm, making me crash into his body. I was shoved once again, I stumbled backwards as my back hit the wall, a groan left my mouth.

I felt him grab the back of my neck, pushing my face into the wall. I only assume it's a male because of the person's force. This couldn't be a female.

His hand tightened against my neck before his lips met my ear, "Don't move or scream, or I'll break your neck," he whispered.

Instantly I recognised his voice, it was James. My fathers friend from work, my body began to shiver in fear. James twisted me around, he was now facing me. I was frozen in fear as I stare into the face of someone I thought I knew. I grew up with James, he was like my Uncle.

James forcefully pushed me to the bed, I stumbled falling onto it. My heart was racing, I peered my head to the left to see the door, he turned his back. I tried to get up and run out the door, but I didn't make it far because he was able to catch me.

He had placed the duct tape that was in his pant pocket into his mouth. James placed me onto the bed, tears were beginning to build in my eyes before a harsh slap came to my face, before a hard punch, I groaned and coughed harshly.

"You try and run again, I will make it ten times worse than this," James growled as I heard the noise of the duct tape getting ripped away from its core.

I shivered at the sound, I tried getting away again trying to get my phone. But again I was punched in the stomach, I hunched forward in pain, before I could cry out. He latched over my mouth some duct tape before tying my hands up behind me back.

I cried against the tape, I wanted to scream and curse at him. James turned me over so my head was against the bed, he forcefully pushed my head down against it.

I felt his hands on me, pulling at my clothes. He stripped everything that he could from my body. I felt him grabbing onto my ass. He groans as he pushes himself against me. I can't get away. I can't squirm. I can't even move. He backs away for a quick moment. I hear the rustling of his pants, the unzipping of his fly.

I close my eyes and try to imagine something else. He tells me to spread my legs and forces himself against me. I can feel his cock against my core. His big, thick cock is throbbing against my core.

I heard a chuckle leave his mouth, "Oh, I'm going to enjoy this. I've been wanting to do this for ages," he spoke.

I cried at his words, my body flinching as a reaction. I screamed against the tape over my mouth, I could feel James push his cock between my core, moving it continuously across them while one hand holds my head down.

I turn to the side so that I can breathe. James other hand is against my ass, cupping it with his big hands. I felt my body tense up once again as though I already prepared myself for what is coming. I feel his head gently separating my lips and I screamed against the tape, only for it to be muffled by it.

James growled as he grabbed my hair pulling it back, "Shut up or I will make you." The tip of his cock enters my pussy making me squeeze my eyes shut at the pain.

I cried out and banged my hands on the bed, I tried everything I could to get out of the situation. James didn't care as his head rolled back and he groaned as he opened up my pussy.

He didn't care that it was hurting me as he forcefully pushed himself in and out of me. I didn't know what else I could do to try and escape from this. James placed his hand over my throat, as if I couldn't breathe good already.

I choked out another painful cry, he was ripping me up. He rubs his cock between my legs, up against my clit, moving it back and forth. I'm tensing up against his cock, I hated this. Why did my body have to react? Couldn't it feel how painful this was?

I try not to make anymore sounds as I take the pounding. Without missing a beat, I felt him realise his seed into me, I whimpered under the duct tape. James took his cock out from my pussy only to push it back in once again.

Making me cry out once again at the unwanted feeling. The pain from his big hard cock are making tears stream down my face. It could be pain or pleasure, it could be both.

He decides that he's had enough of my ass and he pulls his cock out, stroking it until he releases a warm, sticky mess inside me. I can hear him putting his pants back on. James says nothing but I hear him flipping open a knife.

Afraid he's going to hurt me further, I squirm. He drags the razor blade down my back, not enough to leave a mark. He cuts the tape of my hands. I'm relieved but I don't move.

"Don't move a fucking muscle until I'm gone," James growled, he lifted my head before ripping the tape off my mouth.

He was quick to leave the house, I cried out as I reached for my phone when I clicked onto my mum's contact. Blood was gushing down my legs, I was feeling weak and tired.

"Melissa, darling?" I heard my mums voice Angela speak.

"Mum," I cried into the phone.

"Melissa, what is wrong?" She asked hearing my voice.

"I've...ive..." before I could finish my body collapsed to the ground as I fainted from the shock and blood loss from the rape.

When I had awoken, I was in the hospital. My mum was sitting next to my bedside crying, while my dad Richard was rubbing her back.

"Dad?" I asked.

Richard looked up, he gently stopped his movements and stood up making my body tense. He noticed and backed off a little, "Shh... I'm not going to hurt you. Who did this?" He asked.

"James did," I gulped.

I watched my dads face run white as he clenched his fists together before leaving the hospital room, in search for James.

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