Emily Richards

A girl moved in to new jersey. After a few days of going to her new school she bumped into the popular kids. Find out what happens next.

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First day of school

I moved to a new town and go to a new school. I don't know anyone here. We only have about 10 minutes until class time so i have enough time to find my locker and find my first period. I was walking down the hall when i bump into someone. It was abunch of girls. "oh, sorry" i said, looking up away from my schedual. "Look what we have here? There's a new girl in town" The girl in thr front said. "Yeah, i just moved here a week ago." I said with a smile. "So, what's your name new girl?" one of them asked. "My name is Amnesty" i said. "Cute name, my name is opal" she said. "And behind me are Harlee, Felise, Bristle, and Delinda." Opal said. "So what class your headed?" Opal asked."My first class is chemistry in room 15." I said. "We have that class. So you can walk with us there." Opal said.

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