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Fayette Moreau had only known one thing for quite a while in her life, and that was pain. Things take a different turn when she's bought by a cold and heartless billionaire, or is he really heartless as he seems?

Short Story Not for children under 13.

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Short tale
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A/N- I speak British English, so the spellings might not be the same with what you're used to. Thank you for checking this out.

The whore house.

It was called that by the people who resided there, it was a regular business place, where goods were exchanged for money. The problem though, was that the goods were humans. Although it was illegal in different ways, the police had never managed to catch a hint of it - as everyone wished to think, they all knew money was the ultimate silencer.

"Wake up" A blonde-haired girl harshly hit a dark-skinned one beside her, her face contorting into an expression of annoyance,

"Huh, what?" The girl replied, struggling to stand up.

"It's time for breakfast," the blonde said, giving her an irritated look before walking off,

The dark-skinned girl sighed, forcing herself to stand up, she sauntered over to where hundreds of girls stood, all lined up in an orderly fashion.

They stood according to their heights, therefore, three rows were made - Short, Average, and Tall. She stood at the back of a redhead on the average line, she wasn't too tall or short. Soon enough it got to her turn, something that looked like soup was given to her, she wasn't too sure what it was, but still, she was happy she was given food.

But her happiness was cut short very quickly when the bell rang, signaling the arrival of the shop owner, he was a short, fat man in his late forties, with dark cobalt blue hair and light green contact lenses that he always wore. As he walked, inspecting the girls, some of them tried to throw themselves at him, probably hoping that they would be the ones to warm his bed that evening, as he had been known to favour the girls whom he picked.

"Girls" he yelled, everywhere went silent immediately, each knowing the consequences of disobedience,

"Now, I have a very important guest coming today, and I need every one of you to be on your best behavior. What are the two rules you must always follow?" He asked, already knowing their answer,

"Never speak unless you're spoken to, Never look at a customer in the eye" they chorused, a look of satisfaction settling on his face,

"Good" he replied, walking out of the room and into the back of his shop.

Everyone went back to their meal, gobbling it up quickly to prepare for the guest. The dark-skinned girl brought the spoon to her lips, her tongue darting out to taste it a little, she wasn't sure what she was testing for, she just wanted to make sure that it was at least, edible.

A pair of feet came into her view, her head rising up to get a view of the person's face. A slight shiver traced her spine when she finally saw the person,

"What? Is the wittle baby scared?" The person mocked, her eyes shining with mischief,

"I-" she tried to say,

"Cut the crap Fayette, we all know how this works, stay out of the way when the guest comes and you'll be fine, otherwise.." she smiled, her hand came to her pocket, bringing out a small dagger, "last time would be a joke compared to this one" she smirked, walking away with her minions, everybody saw what transpired, but no one dared to make a move.

Elise, the girl who threatened her, was one of the shop owner's favourites, last time she had almost been bought, but something happened that no one knew about, yet they blamed it on the one person they knew would bear the blame without thinking twice about it - Fayette.

The day progressed, only coming to something akin to a halt when the door opened for the second time. Immediately the girls prepped themselves up, making their already sultry dresses more exposing, each wanting to be bought.

She never saw the joy in being bought, in fact, she never wanted to be bought, but she had to abide by the rules to avoid punishment, the nervous voice of the shop owner filled her ears, desperation dripping from every word,

"S-sir, I promise we have the best stock, different kinds of girls" he paused, trying to get a reaction from the person he was talking to, "boys too" he yelled after getting none, "boys if you - you..well" he drew an audible and sharp intake of air,

"I didn't ask" A deep baritone replied after a moment of silence, everywhere went quiet, to the point that she could hear herself breathe,

She only saw the pair of his shoes before he walked past her, he went around everyone before returning to his original position. She wanted to look up but was scared of the repercussions, the shop owner could be very brutal with his punishments when he wants to.

"Find anyone you like sir?" The shop owner said quietly, "we offer a free delivery for special people"

"Hm," he replied, not saying anything,


"The dark-skinned girl," he told him, his voice plain and devoid of any emotion,

"S-sir, I'm pretty sure you don't want that one, she's a kid when it comes to satisfying your needs, and she's always walking like someone ripped her te-"

"Are you selling or not?" He asked, his voice filled with impatience,

"Follow me to the front sir" the shop owner walked outside the door, giving orders for her to brought to the front,

Outside the room, the shop looked normal, almost like a coffee shop, Fayette walked outside with a guard walking at her back, daring her to run. Her mind couldn't focus on anything, apart from the fact that she had just been bought, she could hear the shop owner trying to convince this man to take another person.

'Of course, she wondered, he wouldn't want her to leave because she was their punching bag,

"Her name?" The man's voice rang out in her ear, causing her brain to go into overdrive,

"Fayette Moreau sir" the shop owner responded,

"Moreau.." he mused,

"Yes sir"

No sound was heard for a while, so Fayette assumed that he was paying,

"Thank you for doing business with us sir," the shop owner said quickly,

"Hm" the man replied, his footsteps making her aware that he was leaving, with her head still lowered, she felt her arms being grabbed by two men,

The last she saw of that shop was the owner and his shit-eating grin that almost seemed like a threat.


Her eyes lowered to her thighs as soon as she was placed at the back of the car, fear not allowing her to make any sound. She didn't have a lot of clothes, in truth, she had only one gown, and one set of underwear, the one she was wearing now. The only thing she had managed to take was a piece of paper, which she kept in her dress pocket.

"Look at me," the man beside her said, causing a pang of shock to shoot through her body,

She raised her head slightly, gasping a little when she felt his hand on her chin, pulling her head up to stare directly at his grey eyes.

"When I tell you to do something, you listen, hm?" He told her, his voice carrying something she couldn't quite decipher,

She swallowed quickly before speaking up, "y-yes sir"

Her voice was meek and little, just like her and just how he liked it. He preferred to be the one to show her the world, and he was going to do it his own way.

"Your name?" He asked, leaving her to wonder why he did, even if he had been told by the shop owner earlier,

"F-Fayette sir" she gulped,

"Remy" he replied shortly, taking a swig from his bottled water,

"Sir?" She asked, not really understanding what he meant,

He sighed, turning his body so that he was facing her directly, "I meant, call me Remy"

"Oh... I, okay si- Remy" she panicked, looking at everything but him,

"Look at me Fayette" he ordered, her reaction instant, she stared into his silver-like eyes, a rush of mixed emotion went through her, she was sure of one thing though - she was scared.

His hand trailed on her thigh, into her gown, his face gave no hint that he was doing anything, but his fingers continued the slow and torturous movement, she gulped again, her pulse racing in her chest as his hand got closer to her sex, he stopped suddenly, removing his hand.

She gasped, her womb clenching in something akin to anticipation. She forced her thighs closely together to get rid of the burning sensation, she watched as he turned, sitting straight, his facial expression neutral like he hadn't done anything. She chided herself, feeling a wave of disappointment coming over her, she concluded that she had been too overwhelmed, that was why she reacted to his touch.

The car stopped in front of a huge gate, two men stood there, she had nothing to do but watch as they opened the gate. Inside was a pathway, with bushes and trees on each side, they were well-trimmed and taken care of though, adding an aura to the place.

They came to a halt as they approached a huge mansion, Remy walked out of the car, giving Fayette the indication that she should go out too. She followed after him, her head cast down. They went up a flight of stairs into a long hallway with about eight rooms on each side. They continued walking until he stopped at a black and gold mahogany door, he pushed it open, leaving her in awe at the sight of it.

The first thing she noticed was how spacious the room was, and the big window that stood proudly directly over the canopy bed, giving her a complete view of the vast amount of trees and flowers below her, apart from the main door, two doors were inside the room, leaving her to guess that it was the closet and bathroom.

"You like?" He asked, his voice interrupting her string of thoughts,

"Yea...Remy," she muttered quietly,

"Good, I'll give you time to get acquainted with it," he said abruptly, his hand already reaching for the door,

Immediately he went out, she jumped on the bed, revelling in it's softness, she reached for her dress pocket, bringing out the piece of paper she held so dearly to herself, she had written it when she was sixteen and had kept it to herself, never daring to show anyone.

The door opened suddenly, not giving her time to keep the paper,

"Fay-" he stopped halfway when he saw what she was holding, "what is that?" He implored, his eyes narrowing in suspicion,

"Nothing" her voice came out like a squeak, "nothing," she said again, after clearing her throat, She quickly put the paper in her pocket.

"But I saw you hold something" he replied after a while, he sighed, deciding to drop the matter, "anyway, I came to tell you that dinner is at six," he told her lowly, already moving towards the door, "and oh, I had some clothes dropped here before our arrival, you can check the closet for it"

"Thank you" she responded, watching him leave the room,

She breathes out a sigh of relief, standing up to get to the closet. Truly, as he had said, the closet was filled with clothes, she carefully selected a pair of blue jean shorts and a white tank top, bathing first before putting it on. She decided on taking a short nap and waking up before six pm.


"Fayette" a masculine voice whispered, his breath tickling her ear, she grumbled, moving her body to face the other side,

It appeared that she was in a sleep-induced state, hence the laughter from him. His ice-cold hand tapped her arm lightly, causing her to jerk up from her rest.

"Si- Remy, I was just about to come down for dinner, I-" she stuttered, her hands rubbing her eyes to remove any sleep left,

"Fayette" he rose one of his brows,

"I-i promise, I just-"

"Fayette" he repeated, his eyes trained on her,

"Yes?" She breathed out, her eyes blazing with panic,

"It's eight pm" he blew air lightly from his mouth, letting out a little chuckle at the end.

"Sorry, I overslept" her eyes found her blanket, catching her hand tracing patterns on it subconsciously,

"It's okay" he assured her, sitting on her bed,

His hand found its way to her thigh again, her body shuddering in reaction to his touch. He suddenly removed his hand, only to place it under her tank top, she hadn't worn underwear underneath her clothes when she took a bath, so his hands came in contact with her bare breasts when he touched her, he drew her closer to himself, his hands cupping her boobs, she let out a harsh release of air, sucking it in too quickly.

He fondled her left peak for a brief moment before reaching into her shorts,

"Remy-" she let out heavily,

"Have you ever been given a head?"

"A what?" She asked, trying to control her breathing,

His lips curled up slightly at the corners, "lie down"

She obeyed him, her back hitting the soft mattress, and his hands came down on her shorts, pulling them down. He paused for a while, feasting his eyes on her lower body,

"Fuck, you're beautiful" he muttered, his breath directly above her heat,

He inserted a finger into her, eliciting a sharp moan, She immediately clamped her hands over her mouth, in fear of annoying him,

"It's okay," he said softly, putting another finger into her,

She was tight - he had noticed, so he had tried his best to be gentle with her, he removed his wet fingers, his mouth latching almost instantaneously to her core, she let out a loud moan, his tongue licking her clean, she thrashed around the bed begging for some kind of release,

"Remy" she cried out, almost reaching her climax, he continued his assault, ignoring her pleas,

His tongue dived into her sex, waiting for her orgasm, he sucked on it once more before her juices filled his mouth, he licked her clean before standing up. She melted into the bed, her breaths still coming out in large gasps.

"Wake up early tomorrow Fayette" was the last thing she heard before her eyes closed.


She walked downstairs slowly, her slippers making sounds on contact with the tiled floor, she got to the dining room meeting Remy there already.

"Good morning" She greeted abashedly, sitting on the chair she found first,

"Hm, morning" he replied, gulping down the unknown liquid he had taken from his cup,

"What would you like to eat?" He asked, tapping on his phone.

"A-anything" she stammered, not familiar with the question,

"Anything?" He paused from what he was doing on his phone, resounding her answer,

"Yeah..." She told him quietly, not really knowing what to say.

"Okay?" He resumed what he was doing, finishing what was in his cup,

The smell of waffles filled her nose, and her head snapped up immediately, seeing the maid bring the food in. She put a stack of waffles in the middle of the table, leaving them to help themselves to it. Remy took five pieces, squirting maple syrup all over them excessively, she watched him with bulged eyes, wondering how he could take so much syrup,

"What?" He questioned, "I like syrup" he continued,

"Oh...right," she said, "may I?" She asked him hopefully,

"May you what?" He implored cluelessly, putting the food into his mouth,

"May I have some food?" She explained,

"You don't need to ask..." He told her, wincing at his tone, "what I meant was that, when you want food you can get it, you don't need to ask for permission from me"

"Oh, thank you" she replied meekly,

"Hm" he nodded, watching her take three pieces of the waffles, "eat fast though, we're going somewhere today"



"Where are we?" She said quietly,

"Well, what can you see?" He replied, taking her hand, the car door opening simultaneously,

"I can see a jet" she whispered, making sure it caught his ears,

"Right" he smiled, walking over to a man clad in some sort of uniform,

"Good morning Mr. Leroy and..." He waited for her to introduce herself,

"Miss Moreau" he put in for her,

"Good morning" she replied with a monotonous voice,

"How are you?" He probed,


"Cut to the chase" he interrupted sharply, wearing an irritated look on his face,

"Oh okay..." The man scratched his neck awkwardly, "I'm Dion" he beamed, "and I'll be your sky diving instructor for today"

She let out an audible gasp, not believing what she heard,

"We're skydiving?" She tugged on Remy's arm excitedly,

"You don't wanna?"

"No, no...I want to, I'm just so shocked it's happening and I-" she cut herself off, suddenly becoming shy,

"Let's go then" Dion laughed, trying to ease the growing tension,

They got dressed in preparation for their skydiving, wearing a parachute bag before entering the jet, she watched them leave the ground in awe,

"We're going to jump at the count of three, and open your bag immediately you jump" she heard Dion's voice shout over the heavy sky breeze,

"Ready?" Remy asked her, she nodded enthusiastically,

"One, two, three" they all jumped, Remy holding her hand at the last moment.


"That" he smiled at her, entering into the car,

"It was, thank you very much for giving me this opportunity, I'm really so grateful" she replied, mimicking his actions,

"You're welcome, we're going somewhere else though"


"When we get there, you'll see for yourself" he gave her a cheeky grin.

Fayette's jaw dropped for the second time that day, but this time she was almost close to tears. They stood in front of a Zoo, Remy pausing momentarily for her to drink in the sight.

"We're at the Zoo" she gaped,

"Yeah...wanna see the animals?" He faced her,

"Yes please," she said, following him into the place,

"What's your favourite animal?" He asked her as they browsed through the different sections of animals,

"I like Koalas" she replied, waving at a monkey,


"They have nothing to worry about"

"Really? And how do you know?"

"I mean they literally sleep all day Soo..."

He let out a peal of laughter, throwing his head back in amusement, "it's been a while since I came here"

"Oh, why?" She questioned, genuinely curious,

"I got older" he gave her a tight smile,

"No one's too old for the Zoo"

"Well, getting older comes with responsibilities, I had to take over the company and build it to where it is today"

"Oh, I'm sorry..." She stressed, not really knowing what to say,

"It's nothing..." They walked in an awkward silence that was quickly broken by screams coming from outside the Zoo,

Remy facepalmed, dragging her out of the place,

"What's going on?" She asked, fear getting the best of her,

"It's nothing..." He answered her when they stopped running, "give me a minute"

He brought out his phone, calling someone with it,

"You see that crowd over there, get rid of it" he spoke into the phone, putting it back in his pocket,

She watched as the crowd slowly dispersed, and finally seeing the reason behind it before she could speak, Remy beat her to it,

"You had to make a fucking entrance" he pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration,

"Chill, I wasn't dying or anything. Who's the pretty lady?" The man spoke, pushing his blonde hair from his eyes,

"Blaise this is Fayette, Fayette this is..." Remy introduced,

"Blaise Elroy...." She completed for him, still in a daze,

"Great she knows you" Remy frowned, pursing his lips in a grim line,

"Everyone knows me" Blaise replied with a cocky smirk,

"I wish I didn't" Remy hissed,

"You're the lead singer in Fourscore," Fayette said out of the blue, bringing everyone's attention toward her,

"And my cousin" Remy grumbled,

" can't believe this, all my dreams are coming through in a day" she flushed with happiness,

"Sorry to cut this short, but I have an appointment that I don't wanna cancel," Blaise told them, "nice to meet you Miss Fayette" he brought her knuckles to his lips,

"We're on our way too" Remy snatched her hand from Blaise's grip, earning a burst of exaggerated laughter from him.

"Let's go, Fay," Remy said to her as they watched Blaise enter his car,

She let him lead her to wherever they were going until they stopped in front of a restaurant.

"Are you hungry?" he asked, he was aware that he hadn't eaten anything apart from the waffles she had in the morning, and it was afternoon.

"I don't want to be a bother..." Her voice strained a little at the end of the sentence,

"It's okay... I'm hungry too" he covered up,

They entered the restaurant, finding out that they mainly sold pastries,

"Well, what do you want?" He asked her,

"I don't know..." She looked down,

"Let's see their menu, shall we?" He said, leading her to a table,

Once they were seated, they each picked up a menu, scanning through it.

"The Mille-Feuille looks promising..." He tried,

"What is it anyway?"

"It's a bunch of layered stuff, I don't know how to explain it" he responded,

"I've never had a Frose" she spoke,

"Me neither, should we get that?"

"I don't know...what do you think?"

"That's not an answer Fay..."


"I've called you that before, did you not notice? Plus Fayette is a kind of a mouthful"


"Let's get the Frose" he quickly said, standing up after his sentence.


"Is it good?" He asked her, they were in the car driving to another destination,

"It has these different flavours and I like it" she grinned widely,

"Me too. We're here!" He exclaimed,

"Where?" She polled looking outside the window, she gasped for the umpteenth time that day,

She went out of the car only to be met with a huge building,

"Lyon state library" she whispered, feeling his presence beside her,

"The biggest library in Lyon" he waited for it to sink in, "let's go" he held her hand, dragging her into the place,

"Remy!" An elderly lady whisper shouted before coming to embrace him, "I never thought I'll see you here again"

"Great, now you have" he replied, trying to hide his small smile,

"I spoke with Emily that other day, she told me you've barely visited the family house," the woman said,

"Nana please, not now" he drummed his fingers on his body,

"She's your granny?" Fayette asked lowly,

"My family members are very annoying, as you must have picked up from Blaise" he seemed annoyed, and she didn't want to make it worse so she agreed with him,

"Ouu, and who is she?" The woman poked her grandson,

"Nana meet Fayette, Fayette meet Nana Leroy....or big sugar" he laughed a little,

She squinted her eyes at Remy before speaking up, "I'm the librarian of this place Hunny"

"Wow... that's so cool.." Fayette gawked,

"You think being a librarian is cool?" He scoffed,

"Yeah...I think so, I've always wanted my own cookbook" she said,

"About that darling, someone begged me to give this to you" Nana spoke, her eyes fixed on Remy,

"I wouldn't say beg...." He rolled his eyes,

"Here it is..." She sang out, giving Fayette a purple bag,

"Who asked you to give it to me? If you don't mind" she added at the end,

"He's standing beside you"

She looked up, brown clashing with grey eyes,

"Open it," he told her, watching as her hand pulled out a book,

"It's a cookbook," she said, making eye contact with him,

"I know. And it's yours, now let's explore this shi- library" he corrected himself, carefully watching the stink eye his nana gave him,

"Come on" she chimed, her laughter coming out like a tea kettle's, "I'll be your personal tour guide"


He was clad in only boxers, getting prepared to sleep when he heard the knock on his door,

"Who is it?" He questioned,

"It's Fayette" she answered softly,

"Come in" he shouted, turning on his back,

He heard the door open and close quietly, her footsteps audible as she made her way to his side,

"I just wanted to say thank you, for today. It's been a great experience and you're practically a fairy, cause you made all my wishes come through"

"It's nothing, we're going out tomorrow too" he replied, releasing a little grunt at the end,

She wanted to ask where, but he seemed uncomfortable, so she decided to ask that instead,

"What's wrong?"

"Hm. Nothing is wrong" he replied,

"I can help if you want.." she offered shyly,

"Oh, you want to help right?" He smirked,


"Then get on your knees and suck" he ordered, lines forming on his forehead,

"Suck what?" She implored, getting on her knees,

He stood up, revealing a large tent that formed in his boxers,

"You know how to do a blow job?" He removed his boxers, exposing his erected shaft,

"No, I-" she gulped,

"Just put your mouth on it and do whatever you wish" he grunted again, sweat beads lining his head,

She put her hand on his cock, rubbing it slightly,

"You're torturing me Fayette" he hissed loudly in a mixture of pain and pleasure,

He felt her hot breath on his member, contemplating whether to put it in her mouth, she rubbed on it again before shoving it in her mouth and sucking it like a lollipop,

He drew in a long breath, releasing a moan afterward,

"Fuck..." He yelled, grabbing her hair,

Her mouth continued to work slowly against the throbbing flesh, her mouth glided over the tip of his erection for a few seconds. He groaned in agony seeing that his member was gonna explode anytime soon.

She deep throated his cock, precum spilling out of it, she did it slowly and agonizingly, having a feeling that he was under her control. Finally, he jerked up, his hands tugging on her hair harshly, he fucked her throat with no resistance until finally, his semen spread all over her face, his orgasm coming inside her mouth, her teeth grazed the tip of his crotch before removing her mouth.

He took in a huge gush of air as he fell back on the bed flatly,

"Can you sleep here?" He pleaded,

"Okay, I'll take the couch," she said,

"No, the bed is wide enough for us to share"

She cautiously got in the bed, feeling a kind of security around him, the last thing she saw was black dots clouding her vision and a soft whisper of good night.


"Woah..." She breathed out, an overwhelming gush of surprise and happiness coming over her,

"It's pretty isn't it?" He asked her, watching her expression turn into one of pure happiness,

"It is, everything is!" She gaped,

"It's about to start" he tugged on her arm, pulling her into the circus,

"I've never been here before, but it had always been my dream..." she looked around rapidly to stop the tears that were threatening to fall,

"You want cotton candy?" He asked to distract her,

"Sure" she giggled, grabbing his arm as he led her to the mini stall present there.


The beach was serene when they arrived, the waves crashing against the ground beautifully, it was a sight to behold, and she wanted to hold it forever.

"The circus was fun, but this, this…I feel so free, so alive" she gushed,

"My dad used to bring me here when I was a kid, he taught me how to appreciate nature" he reminisced, sitting close to the shore, she followed his movements, sitting beside him,

"Where is he now?" She asked softly,

"He's dead"


"Died from brain trauma"

"I'm sorry about that" she consoled,

"It's alright, he was the only real parent I had, even if he was busy with work and shit, he taught me to become the man I am today" he gave a strict nod,

"What about your mom?"

"You mean my stepmom" he corrected, playing with the sand, "my real mother died during childbirth"


"You never really told me anything about you"

"I- " she stopped mid-sentence when her eyes caught something,

"What are you- oh, it's here" he rose, walking up to a beautiful black horse,

"It's a horse," she said, standing at his back,

"Yeah, it's my dad's" he stopped, looking at her face, "wanna go for a ride?"

"Yes!!" She yelled, patting its mane,

He chuckled, "I think the real question is, do you know how to ride?"

"I can learn" she argued, still maintaining her enthusiasm,

"Okay" he laughed again, "come, I'll help you up" his hand circled around her waist slowly, his hand slowly inching under the shirt she wore, she felt herself lean on him slightly, his touch knocking the air out of her lungs.

He put her on the horse, patting it slightly so it could be calm, after making sure she was properly seated, he got on it, holding the end part of the reins.

"Can I hold it?" She begged him,

"You can hold the upper part" he affirmed, she held it, feeling a rush of excitement come over her,

"You said it's your dad's horse?" She asked him as they moved around the beach,

"It was, everything kinda got passed down to me when he died"

"Your stepmom doesn't have children?"

"How will I explain this…okay, so she doesn't because my dad doesn't want her to. They kind of discussed it before they got married and shit that he's getting married to her so she could take care of me, she used to be my nanny anything Nana Leroy wasn't around"

"Wow..okay, that's…a lot to take in"

"I know, we best be heading back now"

She frowned, she wanted to keep riding the horse but she didn't want to make Remy mad at her,

"Are you okay?" He questioned,

"Can we ride the horse one more time?" She pleaded hopefully,

"If that's what you want" he smiled at her before turning the reins again one more time.


"Are we still in Lyon?" She gasped, staring outside from the window,

"Yeah, we are" he answered, opening the car door,

"I didn't know a carnival was here" she stood at a spot, marvelling at the sight, "I've only been to a carnival once, and I was six, I think.."

"Well now we can go" he grinned from ear to ear,

"I love-" she took in a deep breath, "I love the carnival" she twirled, her excitement infectious,

"Ever played claws?" He said,

"No, but while I was still in the facility, a friend explained what it looked like" she played with her fingers,

"C'mon, I'll win you a bear" he laughed,

"Polar bears?" She giggled, following him,

"No…big bears, that will eat you" he growled playfully as they stood in front of the machine,

He put a coin in to the machine, waiting for it to grant them access to play, on his first try he caught a panda,

"Ouuu, beginners luck" she cooed, "I wanna try"

"Sure" he laughed, putting another coin into the machine, his laughter increased when she couldn't catch anything on the fourth and fifth try, the concentrated look on her face added more to his humour,

"Ugh," she groaned,

"I wasn't gonna keep the panda anyway so you can have it" he smiled, and he gave her, watching her face light up.

"Let's have some elephant ears, I think the rollercoaster ride would be available now, it's already evening time" he pulled her to a small shop that sold food.

"I like elephant ears" she nodded slightly in satisfaction as she crunched on her snack,

"Me too," he said, "I think they've started selling tickets for the rollercoaster"

"C-can we not go?" She asked,


"I'm scared of heights" she whispered,

"But you wrote… he trailed off,

"We can go if you want to" she put in quickly,

"Do you want to?"

She hesitated a bit before answering, "y-yeah.. let's go"

The line was short so they quickly got into the coaster, it moved slowly at first, giving them time to soak in the beauty of the carnival,

"My dad was a pilot…" she suddenly said, "and I wanted to be like him"

"How did you end up in that shop?" He asked, genuinely curious,

"My dad died in a plane crash when I was seven, and I've told you about my mom, none of my family members took me in so I was basically shipped from one foster home to another, likewise adoption centres, I literally had new foster parents every year and the last one was the breaking point for me, the night before I ran away, they nearly beat me to death… and I couldn't bear it any longer, so I acted without thinking, I met the shop owner on the road that night, he convinced me that he could give me a warm and nice place to stay, I blindly trusted him, safe to say that I was a dumb almost fifteen-year-old, it was a day to my fifteenth birthday, and here we are.." she concluded, watching the world go round her,

"Hey, they say a rollercoaster is the lovers ride" he grinned, wiggling his brows at her,

She knew what he was doing, he was trying to cheer her up and it worked because she let out a little giggle, "so?"

"Should we?" He coughed,

"Nah, you-" the rest of her sentence was caught in her throat when she felt his lips on hers, it was a slow but sweet kiss, she kissed him back without hesitation, pushing in the same amount of passion as he was, he eventually pulled back, watching her face turn a few shades darker,

"Well, this is certainly a nice way to end the night."


The mansion was silent when they got back home, seeing the time, it was reasonable. Before everyone could go back to their separate rooms, she took the first step,

"Remy, thank you for everything, you can't imagine how happy you've made me in the past two days, I haven't felt this much happiness in years," she paused, walking over to him, "and it's all thanks to you," she said before connecting her lips with his, he immediately kissed back his hands finding their way under her shirt,

They somehow found their way into his room, her back hitting the soft mattress, his hands removed her shirt, leaving her in her bra and jeans, his hands worked on her jeans, pulling them off quickly, his left hand massaged her sex through her panties, his right hand trailing down her neck to the curve of her breasts.

Her bra came off ultimately, his mouth leaving little kisses on her chocolate skin, soon enough his trousers came off, leaving him in his boxers, his hand traced on her glorious skin, coming over to cup her breasts,

"Bend for me, baby" he ordered, slipping off her panties,

His body came in contact with hers as she let out a breathy moan, he wanted her, every inch of her, she was offering herself and he wanted it. He kissed her all over, inhaling her scent, his mouth kissed and licked at any spot he could find, she moaned when his mouth closed over one of her peaks, the sensation and his mouth hot on her.

She gasped, her body falling and rising quickly, he trailed his tongue on her sensitive skin, her body shuddering in reaction to it. He was a starving man, addicted before he even had a taste.

"Remy" she shouted, pulling on his hair,

"Shh, baby, let me take you there and bring you back"

Lines found their way on his forehead as his erection stood at her entrance, his body felt hot with need as he plunged deep into her, passing through the thin barrier, she let out a loud scream, pleasure and pain mingling together, she gasped, arching her back to take more of him, her eyes lolled to the back of her head as he thrust in deeper, his mouth came down on hers as he felt her muscles clench around his thick cock, he held her hands over her head as her body vibrated, her release came first, her hot juice clamping around his shaft, his climax came shortly after, pulling out of her to lie on the bed.

He closed his eyes, his breathing ragged, her pulse raced in her chest mercilessly, her voice coming out small,

"I can't move"

"Sleep," he told her, "just rest.."


She sat up on the bed in the middle of the night, millions of thoughts running through her mind, they had sex, and she was having a hard time handling it, his voice shook her from her thoughts,

"Fay? You're up?" He asked, sitting up,

"Remy I-" she gulped,

"Fayette….I like you...I really do and-"

"No." She said slowly,

"No?" He asked, his Adam apple bobbing as he spoke,

"We can't.." she whispered, "you bought me"

"I kind of forgot about that, to be honest, these two days I've had a good time, like a really good time, I haven't let myself have fun in years"

"Remy, you bought me to warm your bed.." she countered,

"What if I want to be more? When I saw you hide that piece of paper, I was curious about that night I took it, and found out it was a bucket list"

She looked at him with wide eyes, "you took it?"

He gave a short laugh, "I was expecting you to notice, you didn't"

"I was just so-"

"Overwhelmed? Happy? Preoccupied?" He put in for her,

"Yes," she breathes out, "all of those."

"I was determined to make those wishes come through, plus they seemed simple enough…I wanted to let loose too, and this was the perfect opportunity"


"And I've had a lot of fun, apart from that I've discovered so many things, my feelings for you included, I understand if you do not feel the same..but just give us a chance"

"I like you too.." she muttered shyly,

"So you're willing to give us a chance?" He asked hopefully,

"Yeah" she smiled at him, his lips coming down on hers automatically,

She broke the kiss, both of them lay back down, she laid her head on his chest, a sigh of contentment escaping from her lips.

This was the start of a new thing,

Their beginning.


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The End

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