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Without memory, without a reason, and without his consent, Aden and his companion struggle to survive in a strange world where an apocalypse is about to happen, believing that magic, to begin with, is a form of science that can create something beyond our normal comprehension. Imagine a technology more difficult and amazing than magic.  Using that in a fantasy-like world using advanced technology capable of producing things like magic, when science collaborates with magical techniques and mythical beasts and magical beasts invade, it's up to our protagonist and his team to save this world in order for them to go back home and save their own world.

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Wake up

Wake up, wake up she started in low voice while trying to shake him hard from the deep sleep he was in, I think there is some one in the house, in half closed eyes looking at her in the dark room he re acted by saying what? When? Where… I told you there is some one in the house, he stood up wildly awake now and said call 911 I will go and check, he look around and saw a baseball bat around the corner like it was kept for him in that place, at that specific time and opened the room slowly trying not to make any sound and moved slowly with no idea where to star the search or what to do.

Nema grabbed her cell phone and called 911 half of her attention on the phone and the other half searching for the sound of her husband; she doesn’t remember what the 911 operator told her after she reported that there is some one in her house, all what she can remember is the sound that she heard and the sound of her husband screaming.

Next thing she saw when she opened her eyes she was in white room every thing reflected on her eyes was white when she tried to move her body to see clearly what is surrounding her she felt pain in all over her body and she couldn’t move one single muscle of her body and from the pain that she felt she tried to scream but there was no sound coming from her mouth she closed her eyes again and passed out, for the second time she opened her eyes again she was not alone at his time there voices all around the her what seemed like doctors and nurses, doctor she is a wake said one nurse beside her head, she tried to move her head toward where the sound is coming from but couldn’t.

"Take it easy" said the doctor you just woke up from a coma, with wide eyes full of surprise she asked with a low voice coming from far coma? How long? And suddenly she remembered her husband and asked with voice full of fear now instead of the surprise earlier few seconds ago, my husband … is he ok? Where is he…my husband is he here she asked again and again and again with voice almost hysterical now but without energy.


In about 250 mile a way in Arnot sawmill creak, Come on hurry, they are behind us hurry said the young boy to his 11 years old little sister, "I cant" she told him "I am tired I cant move", "I will help come on lean on my shoulder but we have to run and hide", "I know but I cant" and started to slow down and stop, he grabbed her arm and but it over his shoulder, trying to support her, although he is not that much older than her but he new that he have to take his sister and run with her as far as he can.

"Dont worry we will rest soon" he told her looking at her face full of tears and started wiping her face with his free hand then she started crying I want to go home I cant walk any more, you now we cant go back home they will catch us and they will do that if we dont run and hide.

It was almost dusk the dark is fading but there is enough light also, where are we going she asked again with a trembling voice, before he gave her an answer that that even he didnt knew they heard sound and he said hurry they are behind us.

The bath way they are running on was narrow and trees are all around it although the young boy didnt knew where it will lead to but he only knew that he have to run with his sister,

"Did you catch them?" A voice over the two way radio came out loud breaking the silence

"No not yet but they are not far sir" answered back the man who is holding the radio, "that is only two kids they cant out run you catch them before sun rise and you know what to do".

The boy he himself unable to walk or move let alone run was holding his sister and moving as fast as possible with first light coming on and the bath is more clear than before he saw a small cabin in between the trees not that far from them. He thought to call for help and run towards the cabin still he knew that the two man are also not that far behind them and any thing can happened.

Some where in Cortland New York The phone rung in the middle of the night and detective Young looked at his watch he couldn't sleep so he flipping the remote going through the Tv channels, it was 2 in the morning, without any thinking he pick up the phone and said detective young, I will be there in 20 minutes.

He didn't live far from Cortland police department so it would have taken him less than 20 minutes to reach there but he wanted to take time to think of his job, his life, his lost marriage, kids with his wife and finally he was giving a lot of thought of the offer he got yesterday from his brother in New York city the pig city where he can see his children at least once a week. And if things go per his best wishes hes maybe just maybe every day.

Suddenly he saw a bright light in front oh him the car is speeding towards him in his line, in shock he diverted the car into the other line but it was too late, last he remember the big pick up truck hit him from the side and didn't stop there it bushed him until the car flipped twice and ended up on the side of the road up side down and between the hard hit, the broken window glass, and the air bag all he felt was a severe pain at his head and his sight started turning off step by step and slowly, food steps beside his window and some one asking another one is he alive ? yes he is answered the other one grab him and but him with the others before he get conscious ordered the first one.

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