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Lilith is a vampire but no-one else is. She has bullies come up to her that want to be her friend but says no. So they force her to be friends but then something bad happens! Read the story to find out more!

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The Disguise..

Lilith was a vampire in a world where everyone was human. Lilith's parents and brother knew she was a vampire so she went in a disguise to go school. She had white hair, green eyes and pale skin and fought through pain every time she went out, because it would be bright so her eyes would hurt badly. When she put on her disguise she wore a blonde wig and blue contacts. She also made her skin a bit darker and made her eyebrows brown. She got to school after 30 minutes. She walked in the halls and everyone whispered and talked about her for how she looked! They thought she looked pretty, prettier than the prettiest in the whole school. Little did they know she didn't look like that! She looked completely different than how she looked in school.. Eventually 2 girls walked up to her and they were called Kim and Jennie. Kim and Jennie were popular in school but for bad reasons! They bullied people who they thought were nerds! So no-one really liked them. Except the fact they had boys wrapped around their fingers, apart from my brother! My brother Nathan wasn't like the other boys, in fact he hated Kim and Jennie! Kim and Jennie tried so hard to put him like the other boys so he could be mean to "nerds" but we didn't think they were nerds. We thought "nerds" were just kind and smart that doesn't make them nerds. But I wanted to have their blood to see how the bullied feel! Kim and Jennie ask to be her friend but she kindly says no because they bully people that are nice.

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