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A story of a boy, that been played by his unfair fate.

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Summers Break

It was summer, I planned to have a vacation in province. Well, we are already on our way to Lola's mansion, people often call it mansion probably because it was a house with seven rooms. I am with someone whom I truly wanted to be with, someone I want to spend the rest of my life, my one and only forever. No money can buy my love for her, and no other girl can replace her for she's my one and only Angel.

After few minutes, we already arrived at Lola's mansion. She immediately get off the car to feel the cool breeze outside. I also get off the car after switching off the engine. I stood on my ground and watch her for she was like a kid turning around wearing her wide smile while eyes is close. But she stop afterwards, and took a deep breath then sighed.

"I hope it will not end here, not yet." - She whispered. I act like I didn't hear a single word.

"Zean?" - She called.


"Papalayain mo ba ako, when time-"

"I'm tired, let's get inside so we can take a rest." - I cut her off before she utter those mournful words.

"Sana nga, sana." - She said, and gave me a bitter smile then turned herself around and walked through the door.

"With all the people here in the world, why you? But I promise, I'll prove to you how much I love you no matter what." - I whispered as I followed her walking through the door. Seeing her sad ruptures my soul, seeing her suffer is like a knife piercing my heart leaving a deep scar in my whole.

Night passed, I am still in my room doing something when she entered. I immediately hide it in my back and cover it with a pillow.

"So, what's next?" - She asked.

"What do you mean?" - I confusedly asked her back.

"We are already in the middle of it. Kung sana walang simula, gitna, at dulo. Kung sana lahat ng bagay sa mundo walang limitasyon, but if there's no limitation baka umabuso din ang tao. Is fate just unfair to us, or we are just unlucky?"

Those words hit me bigtime. It broke my already broken heart. My eyes start to cloud but I suppressed it and just smiled to her.

"There is always a miracle, just have faith and keep holding on. You'll be able to survive babe"

I replied as I caress her cheeks, but she just responded with a smile which she always do.

"You should change your clothes we're going somewhere."


"Somewhere you would probably love too"

"Eh? Sige na nga, I'll wait you outside."

I nodded as an answer. I know she's excited but behind that excitement is loneliness. I watch her as she go out of the room, and that's the cue for my tears to start streaming down from my eyes, falling freely over my face. Her pale-looking face, hidden through her well-done make-up. Her eyes that secretly telling me "I'm tired. I want to rest already. Will you please let me go?" It breaks me but I need to be strong. Three more, just three more on the list. I hope miracles are real, I hope fate is not unfair, I hope it won't end here, not yet. My tears keep on falling, it's painful. Why her? Why us? In this situation, no one would be able to stop their tears from falling.

__Road Trip

__Watch the sunset

__Dancing by the beach

I stand and wipe off these tears, just when there's a continues knock on the door.

"Zean! Si Angel!" - Lola shouted in rush

"What happened Lola?" - I asked as I felt an unfathomable feeling starting to creep

"Hinimatay sya sa labas. Binuhat na sya ni Ronald, nasa kwarto sya ngayon..."


Without a word, I left Lola inside my room and run to her room. She was there, lying on her bed. She looks so pale but still smiling.

"I'm fine babe" - she said. I approach her and hold her hand tightly.

"Please stop stressing yourself babe."

"Can we, can we go?"


"Every hour, minutes and seconds count. My time is too close. Kahit konting panahon lang para makasama kita. And I hate to admit it, but I'm on the verge of giving up, Zean."

"Shh...stop babe."

"Can we? Can you do it for me? Please?" - She pleaded, while those tears keep falling unto her face. It's hard, it's so painful seeing her like this. I looked at Lola, she nodded telling that she understands the situation. I helped her get up the bed, and carried her until we reach the door leading outside.

We are travelling through this lonely road, holding each other's hand tightly, one hour before we reach the Suarez Beach Resort. It is almost 5 in the afternoon, when we arrived. We are being welcomed and accommodated by the resort owner's son. She tried walking alone but can't, and so I help her and we both walk through those white sand side-by-side with bare feet. We sat just in front of the beach, were the waves nearly touching our feet, while watching the beautiful sunset. She leaned on my shoulder, this is the second to the last on her checklist. A sudden thought crossed my mind, is this the end? Did she already give up?

"Can you please hold my hand? And dance with me?"

She asked me, and I already found myself on the depth of this dark place where I can no longer escape. I felt my world stop. Is this the end?

"I love you babe, always and forever."

I stood and dance with her in the midst of sunset. Leaning on my shoulder, I felt her tears fall from her eyes, the cue for my tears to flow. So hard to end it like this. Summer was supposed to be relaxing and fun. But my summer is far from that. Summer, a season when my heart broke, a season when I lost my world.

The memories are still vivid in my mind, how things slowly fade and disappear. I still remember, right in this place, how our love story ends.

A tear drop from my eye as I recall those days. I can't help but always think of her. Reminiscing, this is how my summer always ends. Summer break, reminds me of my unlucky fate. And this is how my story with Heather Angela Sanchez ends.

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The End

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