Qantasia Matthews

The pain of coping with loss. We experienced Hope Grieving over the world losing Faith. And Death calling Time to check on Hope. And Destiny writing a letter to Hope.

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Hope Note

Chapter 1

This world is going crazy, and I'm Clinging onto Hope. Fighting back tears to find the words to help her cope. Faith laying on the ground swallowing blood and she choked. My people going mad, we tired of hashtagging your folks. We just lost Faith and we trying to cope. Hope couldn't take it, so she grabbed a rope. On the day of Faith Funeral, they read Hope note. This world is so wicked, the justice system is so twisted. Police plots keep thickening, media constantly play videos degrading the victim. Justifying the cop like if he did not breathe. He wouldn't have been shot. The cop feared for his life, and that's why he fired five shots. Even though it's was confirmed it was a phone, not a Glock. The only thing he was guilty of was being the wrong color when he got stopped by the cop. The only thing the cop felt he did wrong was leaving his camera on. And disregarded the fact that he, kill someone because of their skin tone. Now the video has been released for the public to see. I'm tired of seeing minority people getting lynched by the police for the world to see. Pulse rushing blood gushing, I thought he had a gun end of discussion. Now I'm looking at the tape so disgusting, like oh that's crazy. He saw a gun but not the kid. And when they ask him in the back seat did he notice the kid. He claimed his memory a little hazy and can't remember if he did. Even though the direction he was aiming was at the kid. Now just imagine if cops love us as much as America loves our culture. And see us is actually equal and not backstabbing vultures. In that same instant can you imagine, if we were taught to love ourselves. And in the eyes of a brother, we seeing reflections of ourselves. Black empowerment is all we need. Everyone's afraid to plant the seed. If you see value in yourself then you will see value in me. PS. Hope, I pray Peace set you Free. Dear Hope, I'm sorry that you couldn't find me. In darkest moments you felt, you couldn't confide in me. I have always been here to help you cope. Things haven't been the same since Faith let go. See I wanted to talk to you, but I was afraid the way the conversation would go. I talked to Humanity the other day, he said stay strong Hope. He did his best to help Love cope, it's hard for him to accept Faith ain't here no more. We both know how Love felt about Faith. Humanity said He doesn't know what we would do if we didn't have you. Sorrow and Pain said they swung by to check on you Hope. But you didn't answer the door. They understand when they lost Pride, it was a struggle for them to cope. When people knocked they just listened and also didn't open the door. So I pray you, get this letter that I left in your door. Sincerely, Peace, I wish you knew how much you mean to me, Hope. And by the way, Time said hello.

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