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This story speaks of a native young man named Josue in the 16th century during the Spanish Colonial campaigns in the New World. Josue lived with the European colonizers and has to find his true family, While also escaping the malicious grip of the European colonizers, Will he be able to find his people and save them ? (Warning Exiled is not to offend any race or ethnicity, All of the characters and events of the story are fictitious).

Action Not for children under 13.
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The Sermon.

It was the 4th of January 1620 AD.

I woke up from my nightly slumber after the ringing of the cathedral bells of Mérida.

My room was stationed in the back of the cathedral and There was a window overlooking the pathways and brick roads of Mérida under a bright sun, Whenever I woke up I always wondered what the day has in store for me.

I am 22 years old and I have been living in the church all of my life, The one who raised me was father Leonardo, An often kind man, But he was never perfect, just like anyone else.

I always wake up on the sound of the church bells and Father Leonardo always calls me down every Sunday for our sermons and prayers in the church, He always played a father and teacher role for me, He never told me that I was his actual son, But I often suspect that I am not his true son.

Whenever I look at my window atop my tower, I always see those who break the law and what seems to be natives entering the dungeon of the city, Yet they never return, I seldom wonder where do they go ? Are they left there forever ? or are they killed ? But Yet I don't think about it for long.

I usually go out in the city to finish the errands father Leonardo gives me, I am well known throughout the markets though and the church.

But After a 5 minutes of staring at my window, A knock was heard from the door, Which was the entrance and exit to my room and Once I opened the door, I was met by a moderate in height slim figure and It was Father Leonardo, He was holding a basket full of bread and some cheese with milk.

He said Calmly "Ahh Josue, How was your nightly sleep ?".

Replied I "It went well Father, How was yours ?"

Replied He "It went well Josue, Thank you for asking, Well I brought you our breakfast".

Then he sauntered towards the table and placed the plates.

Said he "Now Shall we ?"

Replied I "Yes we shall".

Then me and him sat on our chairs and ate our fresh breakfast.

In the middle of the breakfast we conversed about the prophets and different topics about religion and we often chatted about history and the discovery of the new world.

But in the middle of the conversation I inquired "But Father, Where were you raised, Before coming to the new world ?"

Responded He "I was raised in Corduba in Spain, But I was educated in Rome, I was educated about Mathematics, Algebra, History, Religion and languages, But So I moved to the New World, They needed my services in missionary work and I kept teaching the natives about the Catholic faith".

I inquired "Why did you settle here, Father ?".

Replied He "I settled here, Because I got letters from Spain that my wife and children were all dead mysteriously and I actually came back there to mourn them and to spread their ashes and leave my past behind and I decided to go back to Mérida after this affair".

I said solemnly "My condolences".

Replied He with a sigh "Sometimes the lord does afflict his servants, But the question is! Will your faith still be intact or will it be broken ?".

Then The Bells rang again and Father Leonardo said "Well Josue, I see we need to welcome the attenders to the Cathedral".

And I dressed in my church garments and picked up my Bible and followed Father Leonardo and so the sermons went as usual, Nothing was out of the ordinary, Until Father Leonardo started talking about equality between men and how difference shouldn't divide a man's right to live, But then a man kicked the door of the entrance of the church and said Loudly "So I see men are all equal like the lord says, But yet the lord never said there shouldn't be order and those natives they wreak nothing but disorder".

I shouted back "But they are still people, Senior You also shouldn't mistreat them".

Governor Manuel replied "They are nothing, But barbaric animals ready to attack and steal at any moment".

I replied "BUT YOU TOOK THEIR LAND, you care about no one but yourself".

He replied furiously "Watch your tongue boy!".

Father Leonardo shouted to me saying "ENOUGH CHILD! Excuse his foolishness senior Manuel, He is just a young assistant".

Governor Manuel replied "Now that is much better".

I whispered to Father saying "Father ! Who is this man?"

He whispered back saying "Watch yourself child, you shouldn't arise his temper".

He shouted towards Father Leonardo saying "Isn't that correct ? Father Leonardo".

Father Leonardo replied "You must also fear the lord, Isn't that correct ? Governor Manuel".

Governor Manuel replied "Yes Indeed, Father Leonardo".

Then Governor Manuel kept looking around him until he reached the bench and sat to listen to the sermon, I never took a liking to governor Manuel, He often seemed unpleasant and deceitful, But I kept my eyes off of him.

Then after the Sermon finished and all left I Immediately asked Father Leonardo "Father! Who was that man that broke into the church ?".

He replied "This was Governor Manuel, He is the Governor of Mérida , But Remember NEVER go on his bad side, That man is like a snake, Stay away from him, Those who enter his dungeon never return, Do you understand ?".

I replied "Yes!".

Replied He "Good!".

And I ran some errands for Father Leonardo and the church and the day went like usual.

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the allure of writing. pure art.
March 22, 2024, 00:04
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great chapter, enjoyed imagining the story while reading :)
September 06, 2022, 10:17

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