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This is the story about first feeling of love . It was a quite natural story and explain the beauty of nature . I write this story representing the heroine in the story . It was a school romance with lot of surprises . It was the story of Edin and Auya . Their love and the beauty of peach flower is the life of this story .......

This is my story life . I am not well in English . So there are so many grammar mistakes in my story . I tried my level best for the completion of the story . your support is my energy ........

Love is like fire . Only few peoples can holding that fire in hand , otherwise the fire may be the cause for destruction . First love is another feeling . 99 percentage of people failed in first love . If it fail or success first love is always special . No one can forgot the feeling . we always hope to be success but we can't .......

My story is also like that . It is true that first love is difficult , but it's not impossible . welcome all .Thankyou.

-Juna Juwon

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