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Filling You Up

—Dream one: I met you at work, that thought in your head, riding my cock while in the car, pulling you close to me and kissing you as you ground on me. The exquisite feeling of your wetness and the heat coming from your body driving me quickly to the edge. I began thrusting deeper into you, wrapping my arms around your body to pull you even tighter to me. You were moaning into my ear as you came, your pussy clenching tightly onto my shaft. Growling, I began to jerk as I pumped my cum deep into you, both of us breathing heavily. You raised up, the mixture of us dripping onto my lower stomach and you kissed me intensely, sucking on my tongue and lips as I kissed you back. You pulled away reluctantly, "I have to go back to work, love," you giggled a little when I groaned as you put yourself back together.

Dream two: I met you at the door when you came home from work. Sharing a deep kiss, I felt your thoughts when you pulled your head away, whispering in my ear, "shower, now." I eagerly followed your command as you took me by the hand, leading me down the hall and into the bathroom. I watched you with a burning hunger while you turned on the shower. Turning toward me, I grinned at you as you began to strip me down, your hands and fingers gliding and tracing all of the sensitive parts of me. I quickly return the favor, pausing to kiss various parts of you, earning a swift reprimand, "I need you inside me again, you can kiss me later," "mmm, your wish is my command my Starlight." Stepping in the shower after you I wasted little time, taking your body in my hands and turning you towards the shower wall. Raising both of your hands I placed them on the wall, mine over yours as I pressed close to you. Using one hand I guided myself to your entrance, pushing into you in one slow thrust, the remains of our earlier activity and the hot water pouring over our skin allowing me to slide inside. I held myself there for a long second before placing my hands back over yours, interlacing our fingers. I pulled back, the tip right at your opening, "ready for me, my love?" I murmured in your ear, just loud enough to be heard over the water cascading downward. "God yes," you answered back in your that sexy, lustful tone, pushing back, trying to deepen my penetration. I allow you to sink back about halfway onto my shaft before I thrust all the way into you, pushing everything I have to give. I dont give you much time to adjust to the angle or depth, the animal side, or maybe the dragon part of me, taking over, wanting to give you all of me, the fire in me fighting to escape. I move one arm to wrap around your waist, thrusting into you with enough force you can barely keep your balance, the words coming from your gorgeous mouth encouraging me, driving me to work you even harder as I slip in and out. I feel you stop pushing back against me, enjoying the things Im doing to you, bringing over the brink, myself along with you. Plunging deep into you, I wrap both arms around you and pull you back to me, holding you close and kissing your neck as I spilled more of my seed into you.

Dream Three: We had finished our shower, and managed to actually get dressed. Partially. I asked if you were hungry and you said yes, so I went into the kitchen and started fixing some snacks while you grabbed a blanket and I thought was getting settled in on the couch. I jumped a little making you giggle as I felt your arms slide around me, pushing me slightly into the counter. I made an appreciative sound when your lips touched where my neck was exposed and I leaned a little into you. Your hands started to wander across my bare skin, trailing up my stomach and chest then back down along my sides. I tried to focus on what I was doing in spite of you finding the tickle spot just above my belt line, my squirming merely encouraging you to attack those places even more. I put down what I was making and grabbed your hands, using them to pull you closer into me, wrapping your arms around me with mine. You tried to pull away but I wasnt letting go, so you changed tactics. I felt warm air brush against that little spot at the base of my neck, making me twitch just a bit. "Hmm, thats cheating." I growled, my eyes crossing a bit at the feeling and leaning my head back. You took the opportunity to bite my neck, not hard but enough to surprise me, causing me to let go of your hands. You immediately slid them downwards, under the band of my boxers, wrapping them around my cock. "Definitely cheating..." I groaned as you attempted to stroke me back to life. You turned me around to face you, pulling me in for a long, deep kiss, still holding me in your hands. You dropped to your knees, the hunger in your eyes telling me that what you wanted was assuredly not food right then. Pulling down my boxers, you exposed my half hard shaft. Running your fingers along the base, you wasted little time taking me into your mouth, sucking the tip between your lips, tracing the underside of my cock with your tongue. I leaned back against the counter with a moan, my hands twined in your hair as you coaxed me back to full attention. I could tell you liked tge feeling of me growing as you bobbed your head up and down until my length reached the back of your throat. Drawing back one final time, you let me slip from between your lips, my now hard cock springing upwards in front of your face. "Take me again, love," you asked, looking up at me with lust in your eyes. "Mmm someone is insatiable today," I replied, reaching down to lift you from your knees. I placed one hand between your legs, pushing your panties to the side as I began using my middle finger to circle around your clit. Without removing my hand, I turned us until now it was your back against the counter. Continuing my motions with that hand, I used the other to place the head of my shaft against you, just to the point of penetration. "F%*k me," you cried out, the sounds you made continuing to drive my arousal. I pushed into you, slipping in easily in one slow thrust. The heat and wetness from your core caused me to snap and I bent you backward as i kissed you, crushing your mouth to mine as i took you over the counter. The angle increased the friction between us allowing me to remove my hand from between us as we rocked together. Holding you up, I used the leverage to bring long but slow strokes into play, each one dragging across oh so sensitive spots as I pleasured you. I kept the pace even as I felt you begin to tighten around me, your moans and words telling me you were close. Kept going even as you came around me, our earlier adventures allowing me to last. "Do I need to stop?" I asked you, concerned I would be wearing you out. You smiled up at me, "Dont even think about it" you said, breathless as another climax began to build within you, this one stronger than the first. You wrapped your arms around me as you came, your head tucked tightly into my neck and shoulder. The closeness of you, the way you clung to me, the feeling of you clenched around me brought me to the limit and I matched your embrace with my own, thrusting into you with tight, uncontroled jerks as I added even more cum inside you. Barely able to stand, we just held on to each other as we recovered from the endorphin high. "Still hungry?" I asked with a smile, causing you to giggle into my neck.

Dream Four: We laid on the couch, snuggled together as we watched something on tv. We were tucked under a blanket, our hands and fingers kind of just tracing absent lines across each others bare skin. You nestled into my shoulder and started giggling a little. "What are you up to?", I asked, confused for a moment. You started to grind into my hip as you nibbled on my ear. "I want you again", you whispered when I arched my neck. "Mmm... You are... definitely insatiable" I replyed, moaning a little when your fingers slid down and started to play with my cock, slowly stroking it to bring some life back to it. You propped up to look at me, a pout on your face. "Do you want me to stop then?" you asked me. "Certainly not", I answered back, rocking my hips a little for emphasis as I started to massage where I could reach along your thigh. You turned a little, raising one knee and allowing my fingers access to that spot between your legs. I teased along your opening, the attention making you twist a little, trying to get my fingers exactly where you wanted them. I denied your efforts, moving my hand away each time. You had enough and rolled on top of me, your hands pressed on my chest as you ground yourself along my now hardening shaft. Grinning to yourself as you realized your effect on me, you put more emphasis in sliding back and forth, bringing me to full attention. You started to tilt forward some so that the head of my cock would rub over your clit, just shy of your entrance. I reached up to play with your nipples, placing both hands on your breasts, letting your movements pull them across my fingers as you leaned into me. I could feel you getting wetter as you slid along my cock, the friction driving you close to cumming. As you moved forward, I tilted just enough that the tip of my shaft was right on your entrance, timing it so that as you started to move back, I thrust upward into you. "Fuck," you moaned as I pushed fully inside of your pussy, begining my own movements, lifting you up with each thrust. It wasn't long until you had your first orgasm, but I kept going, pumping into you until you started your second, wrapping my arms around you to pull you tightly to my body. After a few moments you came out of your reverie, but I was still inside of you, and I hadnt cum yet myself. I didnt let you rest for long, shifting us around so that I was kneeling in front of you while you were on your back still on the couch. I looked into your eyes as I took my cock and pressed it once more against your entrance, pausing before sliding forward, pushing deeply into you. You wrapped your legs around me and I used my hands, placing them under your knees to support you and to allow me to control the speed and intensity of our movements. Finding that spot that we both like, I changed to short, intense, repeated thrusts, building my sensitivity and heightening yours. I felt my orgasm building, the dull wave swiftly becoming a rush flooding through my body. "Baby I'm about to cum," I murmured to you, keeping that steady pace until I couldnt hold myself back anymore. This time it was my turn to collapse on top of you, your hands pulling my head to meet yours in a deep breathless kiss while my cock spasmed deep inside of you, adding even more cum to fill you up.

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To be continued...

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Sean Elliot I write mostly because and about my Starlight, a person very close to me and something more. The twin of my own soul. I write mostly poetry, but also some short stories.

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