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Yang Gu, despite his name, is American and has lived there ever since he was born, but one day while he was jogging, an unexpected phenomenon occurred, and he was taken to an unknown realm.

Fantasy For over 18 only.

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Chapter 1

On a warm and sunny day, a man was wearing black shorts, a white t-shirt and sports shoes. He had very short brownish blonde hair and dark green eyes. Although he was given the name "Yang Gu", he disliked his name for being called Chinese while he was American. Yang was well built, and he exercised regularly.

Yang was focused on his regular Sunday jog around the lake that was located not far from his home. His goal was to beat his personal record of endurance. In addition, he wanted to increase the number of his laps at his usual time.

While he was running, the weather turned a bit dusky, but it helped him because he was getting tired. As he was running, he noticed three men who were walking towards him. All of them were wearing similar jumpers, and two of them had their hands hidden in their pockets, while the third was a bit chubbier, and he hid his hands in the sleeves of his jumper. Once they got close to Yang's route, they waited for him to reach them then one of them stepped forward.

Man: My friend, could you lend us a hand, please?

Yang ran past them and only shook his head and continued his circle with a more incredible speed. The three newcomers looked at each other and waited for another round, but this time Yang stopped, much to their surprise. Yang took his phone out of his pocket and looked at the time. He had a very old, push-button phone.

Yang: It's already this late? Time flies by really quickly.

Yang walked to the lake and washed his face, but he noticed the chubby man behind him, holding a metal bar when he was about to stand up. The thug wanted to smash Yang's head. Since the attempt was noticed, Yang could roll to his right and jump up.

Man: Kid, you are pretty lucky, don't you think?

Yang didn't reply because he noticed that the two other men were holding knives. Also, the chubby one unleashed another swung with his metal shaft. Yang slightly crouched, and the metal rod travelled above his head, and he instantly jumped up. He smashed the man's nose with all of his might, causing him to lose his balance, but Yang wasn't finished yet. He grabbed the metal rod and kicked the man's hand, who let go of his weapon.

Man: You are impressive kind, but it is not enough to getaway. If you give us everything you have, we will let you go and not pursue you for injuring our friend.

Yang: Scram, I am busy.

The moment Yang said that, a bolt of lightning struck the ground not far from them, shocking all of them.

Yang: What the...?

Yang didn't have time to finish what he wanted to say because the man stabbed him in the stomach. Yang stumbled back and fell. Yang pulled the knife out and wanted to stand up, but the man kicked him in the face. Yag slid a bit backwards and laid down. His nose started bleeding and was deformed. He opened his mouth to breathe, and three of his teeth were severely damaged.

The next thing he noticed was that the third guy was searching through his pockets and taking his old phone. The man once took it looked back at the injured Yang, and walked away. Yang extended his shaking hand and grabbed the air.

Yang: No...give...that...back.

Another lightning struck the ground, but this time Yang was not startled.

Yang: GIVE... BACK!
Man: You think too highly of yourself. That is ours now.

Yang's eyes filled up with tears, and the man walked right next to Yang, and as he looked down at him, he found enjoyment in the bleeding, half-dead Yang and started laughing at him.

Man: Pitiful! Hah!

Yang closed his eyes and grabbed the metal rod with both of his hands, and with everything, he got jumped up and delivered a devastating blow to the man's head. The hit was so hard that the metal object was bent.

Man: Ups, it seems we have been exposed.

Yang was shocked and stumbled backwords while using his rod to stand. The man didn't have any injury on his head, and the chubby one also walked next to him.

Man: Kid, I have underestimated your willpower, but you will not win with sheer willpower; you need more than that.

The man closed his fist, and a reddish aura appeared around his fist. The man wanted to dash forward, but after taking a single step forward, a purple bolt of lightning struck Yang, who instantly fell.

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