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What if? What if you're not born in this unfair world? What if you live the life like there's no problem at all? What if all you have was just happiness, love and a peaceful life? Would your life be so lucky? But, All of that, was just what if? Paano ka nga ba mabubuhay sa mundong hinahabol ka ng problema't kalungukutan? Iyong sinasabi nilang nasa iyo na ang lahat pero parang may kulang? Iyong gusto mo pang mabuhay pero hinahabol ka na ni kamatayan? "Live the life, while you're young." But, How? "Viva La Vida" Paano mo kaya maaayos ang gulo ng nakaraan na pilit sinisira ang kasalukuyan? Yuki killed one of Fonse's grandson, Maxille Errol Fonse twin of Maxville John Fonse. It was the time where Yuki tried to protect Maxille from her friend Shantelle who is trying to hit a stone on Maxille, but accidentally pushed the boy just to keep him away from her friend, unfortunately the boy hit his head into an iron bar of the swing. Both Yuki and Maxille had a major head injury and undergo surgery process but only Yuki survived. The Fonse wanted to kill Yuki and blamed her for killing the young man, but Akimori Harabi is an influential business man and a well-known underground Mafia Boss. Yuki's grandfather Akimori tried to protect her from the Fonse, no matter what happen. Sebastian Fonse is the one who's in-charge of killing Yuki with him is his cousin Gellmar, but his brother Maxville always intercept the time he's doing his plan. Maxville, promised to himself not to meddle with their family issue with the Harabi but he kept a promise to his twin to protect the girl, and kept her away from his brother Sebastian. A story of two clan fighting for the right and fix the mistake of the past, an action of true love and dignity.

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Chapter 1

A philosopher once said:

"Never play with the feelings of others, because you may win the game but the risk is that you will surely lose the person for a lifetime."

-William Shakespeare

"Books again?" He asked as he sit beside me, tiningnan ko siya ng masama.

"I am actually browsing my facebook news feed. It isn't obvious, I guess." Sagot ko sabay irap, sa halip ay ngumisi lang ito sa akin.

"Aren't you excited that you're going to school next month?"

"It's in the next two weeks for correction, tsaka bakit naman ako ma-e-excite?"

Nag-isip muna siya bago sumagot.

"Dahil magkakasama na tayo sa iisang school, doesn't it sounds good?"

His eyes were full of excitement, di ko alam kung bakit ako inilipat ng parents namin sa school kung saan nag-aaral ang Kuya ko. I am actually in the 4th year this coming school year, and he's also a graduating senior in college. He's studying in a prestigious school, while I choose a public one before and I see no difference about it. Both are developed by educational system, learnings and competition between students, well for sure it's for their parents pride.

"You don't seems to be liking it. I see."

He told, kaya nilingon ko siya only your sibling will know who truly you are.

"I am not saying anything, but I have no choice."

"Well, para naman sa iyo itong gagawin nila mom and dad. I am counting on you sissy."

Labag man sa loob ko ay tumango nalang ako sa kanya bilang pag-sang-ayon. Tumayo na ito para iwan ako ngunit napakamot muna ito sa ulo.

"Ahm, one more thing sissy. This is actually out of my vocabulary, but because your "old friends" in that school were blackmailing me. I had to take you out, and bring you to them."

Napa-ismid nalang ako sa ginawa niya, he's facing close to me, habang nakanguso na para bang natalo sa laro. I never thought those guys can truly manipulate my cool and scary brother. Ahm, well not totally scary. He even quoted the word "old friends".

"What's with that face sissy?"

"Nothing, aren't they cooler than you?"

"What those geeks? Come on sissy, it doesn't sounds good."

"Other words of telling they're genius."

Tumayo na ako at kinuha ang blue cardigan ko tsaka ito isinuot, I am wearing a white shirt and a short shorts, habang nagdadaldal ang kapatid ko na kesyo mas matalino daw siya kaysa sa kanila, wala daw panama ang kagwapuhan ng mga studyante sa public school kesa sa kanya. Whatever day dreams he has, I snap my fingers telling him to stop chuckling like a dumb chicken and I know he understands it.

"You're seriously going with them sissy?"

I let out a deep sigh, even though my body is not cooperating with my mind, my heart will always be the major. For two years, they still become my friends and I can't leave that school without any bid of goodbye for them. I don't want to be unfair.

"Hmm, would you drive me off there?"

He smiled, a sincere one. Alam kung naiintindihan niya ako, and I am thankful for that.

"Alright, hope you'll let them understand."

"And, I guess they will."

Pareho naming tinahak ang garahe, nagpaalam naman kami kay Kuya Larry ang guard namin. Mom and Dad, were having a business matter kaya mamaya pa sila uuwi. It is almost 3pm, and we're going to meet at the school.



"Alam kong magugustuhan mo rin ang school namin, though mas malaki lang siya sa mga natural na eskwelahan dahil it is build up for both high school and college students, maaari mo kaming makasalamuha doon, I know your reason why you don't want to be-"

"You're talking too much, as if I had a chance to escape this."

I cut him off, bago pa siya magsimula ng di magandang topic. Itinuon ko nalang ang aking atensyon sa daan, but it didn't stop him to open up the same topic again.

"Alam kung naiinis kang pag-usapan ito, pero paano kung sabihin kong-"

"Then I have no choice, that was already in the past. Maybe I was too young to understand thing when it happened."

"I am glad to hear that."

Di ko na dinugtungan pa ang mga sasabihin niya, dahil ayaw ko na ring pag-usapan pa iyon. Natatanaw ko na rin ang school namin, I saw my friends waiting outside the school gate.

"I'll drop you off here, text me where to pick you up."

Hindi na ako sumagot, at lumabas nalang ng sasakyan.

"Take care, don't forget to text or call me."

Dinig ko mula sa kanya bago tuluyang isinara ang pintuan ng sasakyan. Sinalubong naman ako ng mga kaibigan ko, pero bago pa umalis ang Kuya ko ay may huli pa itong habilin.

"Ingatan niyo iyang kapatid ko, marami pa iyang pangarap sa buhay, malinis siyang umalis, malinis din siyang uuwi...walang gasgas ni sugat-"

"We're not monster, as what is running out on your dirty mind and laconic mouth."

Putol ni Alice sa kanya, sa kanyang pananalita ay naiirita ito sa presenya ng Kuya ko.

"Wag po kayong mag-alala Prinsepe Aki, kami pong bahala sa Mahal na Prinsesa."

Singit naman nitong si Steffi, ang kaninang nakakunot na noo ng Kuya ko ay napalitan ng pagkamangha dahil sa ngiting ibinigay nitong si Steffi...a cutest smile indeed.

"I'm counting on you guys."

He lastly said, bago tuluyang umalis. Ahm, so am I facing now a world war III? or maybe an interrogation from a great of the greatest detectives? All three of them were intensely looking at me, waiting an answer to all their questions.

"Why are you guys here?"

Napalingon kaming lahat sa nagsalita, he is standing firmly facing us. Well, what will you expect from the former school council president.

"Senior Frank Edsel Celestino."

I whispered, he smiled at me, ngiting parang nanalo sa lotto.

"I am glad, you still remember me Ms. Yuki Rihya Cortez."

I answered silence, and snap his un-awful response.

"So, what are you guys up to? Mind if I join you?" He added.



We answered in chorus, well for normal girls like them, rejecting a so called "angel of school" is definitely a regret. So, as I am always the acting villain here, their stares were gonna ripped me into pieces. I had no choice but to accept that majority will always win.

"There's a coffee shop nearby, my treat."

He offered, wala namang umangal sa kanila kaya nagsimula na kaming maglakad. They are busy chit-chatting with Frank, except this girl beside me.

"You haven't told us."

She started, medyo malayo kami kaunti sa tatlong nauna. I thought she's busy playing music on her ears while pretending to be out of the world.

"Not my choice either,"

"Tss, quite unfair."

"If I have a chance to-"

"That's not what I meant to say, I'm happy you find your place."

Natahimik ako saglit, di ko alam kung anong ibig niyang sabihin. I know she likes logical phrases yet I am not a mind-reader here.

"Does it make you feel different?"

"Nope, I am always been different."

She smiled halfway, at naunang maglakad sa akin.

"You always surprised me Yuki, you're a kind of mystery that I wanted to solve."

She added while waving his hand, at nakisabay sa kanila. I was left full of doubt and thoughts on my mind. For two years we've been together, only her can make me feel this way. Like she knows a lot about me, yet she's still a stranger to me.

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