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Complete •-Warning-18+• I watched her, wanting her and waiting for her. No more can I take watching her from the shadows, no longer can I just be happy with the distance between us, no more can I pretend we share a house when she doesn't live with me. It's now time to finally make my dream come true. It's time my wife comes home. Let's take this journey with Abby to see how she handles her new life. Will he succeed in brainwashing her into becoming his perfect wife or will she find the strength she needs to survive. ●Trigger warning- This will be a very dark read. Please check out the tag list and will contain violence in every way. ●

Thriller/Mystery For over 18 only.

#horror #thriller #kidnapped #stalker #inkspiredstory #abused #scared #afraid #prisoner #fakemarriage #taken
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Chapter 1

Pulling my ringing phone out of my purse, I bring it to my ear and press the green button without checking to see who it could be.

Not that many people have my number, my boss and my family and friends and trust me, I'm not very social so it's not that many.

Walking across the street, I make it to the other side before the red light flashes on. I've had a long day. This trial is taking its toll on the entire building. We are currently working to help a man escape life in prison for the murder of his wife and step kid's, innocent until proven guilty and that that. You have to love the system.

“Hello,” I answer the phone.

"Girl, come out with us tonight!” My best friend, Kacey, shrieks through the phone.

“I just got off work, K, I'm tired.” I whine like a child.

Strolling down to the parking garage, I jumped into my ride and locked the door. Putting the air on, I crank it up too high. I hate going down here at night. It gives me the creeps.

"Abby, you still there?” Kacey shrieks again through the phone and into my ear.

Starting my car, I guess I can head to the bar for a bit. The little makeup I put on this morning still looks good, and my blonde hair and curls aren't so bad.

“Yeah, yeah. I'm here. Where do you want to meet?” Asking her with fake excitement, in my voice.

I'm tired and would like nothing more than to be able to go home and crash.

After telling me the name of the bar, she also tells me our other two friends, Ashley and Kate, are there too?

Holding the phone away from my ear by the loud noise, I tell her I'm on my way and hang up the phone. I toss my phone in the passenger seat and head to the bar.

Fifteen minutes later, I walk inside and meet Kacey at the bar.

Waving when she sees me, she heads my way.

"You made it!” She yells over the music, hugging me.”

Laughing at her, I let her pull me towards the bar.

"How's work?” She asks me.

I'm a lawyer's assistant.

"It's good. We have an important trial coming up, so I have just been putting in significant effort into the case and many hours,” I tell her, shrugging my shoulders.

“Well, let's have fun tonight!”” She suggests, before ordering us some shots.

This will be a long night.

Sitting down on a stool at the bar, Katie and Ashley join us. They both order more shots. I can't help but laugh at how funny we look. I have blonde hair, Kacey has black, Katie has red and Ashley has brown. We look like the rainbow.

Giggling to myself, I attempt to keep my mind focused on the conversation.

Thirty minutes and 4 shots later, we are dancing on the dance floor when a strange cowboy attempts to grab my ass. Jerking myself away from his reach, Kacey pushes him distantly from me.

“DON'T TOUCH HER!” She screams at the man before dragging me off.

"Who's the creep?” Katie asks, as she orders another shot.

“I do not know,” I tell her, shrugging my shoulders and downing my shot.

“He thought he was going to get lucky tonight,” Kacey laughs at her joke.

Two hours later, we were in a taxi and heading home. I don't feel good, I shouldn't have drunk so much. Now I'm going to have to take a ride tomorrow to pick up my damn car.

Hugging Katie goodbye before she walks to her house, I give the driver my address before laying my head back.

Ten minutes afterward, the taxi pulls in front of my residence building.

Handing him some cash, I climb out and stumble my way to my apartment. I make it inside. After dropping my keys three times, I go straight to my bed.

I'll shower in the morning. Don't judge me. It's been a long day an even longer night and I won't lie, I am drunk.

It didn't take me long to fall into a peaceful drunken sleep, but a few hours later, I'm woken up when I feel something being shoved against my mouth.

Screaming as loud as I can and attempting to swing my arms but whoever is in my bedroom has them held down like he expected me trying to fight him, the struggle of my life lasts a few seconds before my eyes grow heavy, and I'm pulled into darkness.

Sometime later.....

Feeling my body shake side to side, I try to open my eyes. What happened?

Trying harder to open my eyes, and they open a bit. My head kills me. This is the worst headache I have ever had.

Looking around, I notice I'm in my car down a back road. All I see are trees, turning my head to whoever is driving. I fight the urge to throw up at the movement as my stomach twists. Open my eyes wider as I look at the driver.

I recognize him.

He's that cowboy from the bar, the one that tried to grab my ass. Struggling to scream but nothing comes out, I try to raise my hand to the car door handle and I feel pearlized.

I can't move.

What happened? What does he want with me? Suddenly, I hear his voice cutting through the fog around my brain.

“Don't worry, baby, we will be home soon” He whispers.


“Watts” trying to ask him why he took me but, I can't even say the word correctly.

I feel him place his hand on one of my thighs and I panic.

“Pleeeeeees,” I try to be him to stop touching me, but it doesn't come out.

Crying, I feel the tears running down my cheek and my nose starting to get stuffy, making it harder for me to breathe.

“Shh baby, I know your head is hurting. We will give you some medicine when we get home. I promise, my love.” He tells me in a sweet voice and squeezes my thigh.

“Noow” I try to tell him.

I want to go home. My home!!!

“I'll fix you some soup tonight baby, that will make you feel better I bet,” He says before turning down a back road.

How far have we been driving? How long was I out?

Being that I can't talk, I try to shake my head, but the movement does nothing but make me feel sick as I gag. He opens his window, pouring out his fountain drink while driving, then puts it between my thighs.

“Here, sweetie, throw up on that if you need to. I'm sorry you are feeling sick. I was hoping we could eat some cake and celebrate our honeymoon,” He says, bringing his hand to my head and running his fingers through my hair.

Please just stop touching me, I beg inside my head.

“Baby, did I tell you that the cows had a few calves?” He asks me, with so much excitement, in his voice.

He turns his head towards me as if he's waiting for me to respond to what he said.

“Wwwwt,” I try to ask what the hell he was talking about, but I can't even say the right word again.

He seems happy with that though, as he goes on.

“Yes. We now have 4 baby calves. I bet you can't wait to feed and pet them. You love animals so much” He chuckles.

Picking up the cup, I bring it to my mouth and I throw up, feeling his hand on my back holding my hair back only makes me want to throw up more.

“We are almost home, baby,” he whispers as he puts a strand of my hair behind my ear with his fingers.

“I love you so much, baby. Until death.”

That's the last thing I hear before falling back asleep.—

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