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Nyla was walking home from work when she ran in to her boss who Nyla found to be very hot. they drove back to her apartment where things started getting interesting. The next day when Nyla got to work, her boss was waiting for her with a job offer. Nyla excepted the offer not now how much it would change her life.

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The boss

As I walked through the cemetery, my mind was still racing from that horrendous shift at Starbucks. I was walking with my head down wondering if I would have my job tomorrow. I walked right into my boss standing in the middle of the path. I fell backwards on the soft ground looking up and staring at her in complete awe because I knew that she was pretty but not a thick sexy goddess. She eased me back to my feet and offered to drive me home. After I reluctantly agreed I asked her why she was in the cemetery and she simply replied with I follow you home from work to make sure you get home safely..... She caught my gaze .

A few minutes later we are arrived at my apartment building and I asked if she wanted to come up for drinks and she smiled and walked over to me and started kissing me next thing I knew she picked me up and carried me up to my apartment and set me down so I could get the door unlocked then she threw me over her shoulder and carried me to my room, dropped me on my bed and started undressing my lower half.

Once my lower half was exposed she looked and smiled at what she saw. She lifted my legs up and proceeded to swirl her tongue on my clit and slid fingers in my pussy causing me to let out a moan and she looked up smiling and went back to work after 3 minutes of edging me with her tongue. She stopped and went to her purse and pulled out a 8 inch dildo , smiled devilishly, and walked back to me and slid the dildo into my pussy causing me to moan louder than before. She slowly started gliding the dildo in and out of my pussy, the faster she went the closer I got to cumming. She leaned into my pussy and licked the shit out of my pussy as she fucked my pussy hard till I finally came.

As she got up and started to walk away I abruptly got up and pinned her to the bed, going to my closet pulling out two things of ropes and a vibrating dildo. Then proceeded back to her and tied her up. Few hours later I had her screaming so loud that we had cops walk in on us and get all red faced. She slipped out of the ropes, got dressed and walked out calling back saying she’d see me tomorrow in her office at Starbucks.

I went straight to work the next day with my boss and we discussed that I will be working for her and another guy friend of hers as a personal sex slave and as soon as we walked in everyone was there getting ready. Karen Twit came almost running towards my boss and just as she was about to open her mouth, the boss cut in saying that she already knew what happened last night BC of the security cameras.

After saying that she asked for her badge and keys. Then turned to me with a wink and said the same thing to me but then followed with “I’ll meet you in my office ” so I reluctantly went to her office. As I waited, I had last night on my mind next thing I knew was that she was right behind me smiling. She slowly approached me, slid her hands down my shoulders all the way into the top of my pants, through my panties and slid her fingers in my pussy. she smirked as I gave a small moan and she kicked the door shut causing me to jump a little bit. She gently slid her fingers out of my pants, turned my chair around, lifted me up and laid me on the desk, undressed my lower half, opened my legs and started licking my pussy ever so gently. Through a moan I asked “when do I start”, after 10 minutes she got up and gave me my clothes.

Once I was dressed, she snucked me out to her car and drove me to her beautiful mansion and introduced me to Mathiss, her guy best friend who kept looking at me like a vampire who saw blood after 500 years of sleeping. After she went back to work to monitor the rest of the day, Mathiss showed me around and explained to me that I’d be helping around the mansion until Michella came home. As Mat showed me around the mansion we stopped at a room that Mat simply replied with “ you’ll see that room tonight” with a smile….. A few hours passed and Michella came home and said “ Nyla, are you ready to see your room?” So we got to my room and it was absolutely beautiful. It was an old Victorian room with blue trim all around the room, a big canopy swing bed, and a whole music collection from the early 2000’s and all of Edgar Allen Poe’s stories.

No more than five minutes later we were in a new room where the fun began. In this room was everything from whips to bondage beds. Mat came around the corner completely naked, Mat was a 6’0” mulatto male who was built like Vin Diesel. Once I saw him, my clothes fell off and I was on the bed, with Michella sucking on my massive tits while Mat was licking my pussy with a snake-like tongue that I now just noticed. They kept going for 2 hours, I came 20+ times, everything was going perfect until 2:30 in the morning when I felt a piercing sensation in my neck and watched as Michella and Matt drank from my neck as my vision slowly faded then slowly became stronger.

At that moment I knew that they were vampires and now I was their victim. Then they stopped and let off my neck and slowly got up and got dressed again then assisted me with getting dressed. Once I was dressed , Michella and Mat brought me out for a walk and explained to me what they were. As they were explaining to me what happened, I looked up at the beautiful night sky as we walked through the cemetery and noticed the moon which was full and that is when it hit me hard. One second I was perfectly fine, the next I was feeling my stomach and bones twist into knots of unbearable pain. I asked them if we could go back to my apartment so I could get some rest in a place I was used to being.

So they brought me back to my apartment and left me for the remainder of the night and before they left, Michella noticed something and told me to meet them at 7:00pm back at Michella’s mansion for another night of events and she handed me $10,093 dollars for that one night, I looked at her in shock and she smiled and left me with a huge amount of money.

The next night was a little different, when I went to Michella and Mathis’s mansion where I work only to be dragged into a van by kidnappers to a abandoned warehouse where I was turned into a vampire sex toy for every day until in the middle of them pounding my pussy out with a 10 inch long and 30 inch thick silver cock when Michella and Mathis showed up and ripped the heads off three of the vampires and then coming over to gently slide the cock out of my blistered pussy.

After that night I wasn’t able to walk for a weeks on end and we went to the doctors and claimed a rape charge against my abusive ex and cops were called. Michella talked to the police while Mathis stayed with me in the ER room and explained how they set the dirty cops and her EX up by rigging security cameras in the place of her attack and that dildo that he used on her had her Ex's semen in it so the test would come back positive that he raped her.

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