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What would you do if you spent the perfect day with someone in a deserted park? What if for you it was love at first sight? What if that special person suddenly disappears but not before letting you know that he will be present at the last dance of the year in France. Rafael never told Alissa that he was a prince. With the council bearing down on him he is given ten days to choose a queen or risk losing his rightful place on the throne. Alissa never meant to get caught up in a royal affair but somehow finds herself smack in the middle of it. Will Alissa stick around long enough to get to know Rafael? Will she be the one he chooses? And most importantly will she choose him?

Romance Contemporary All public.

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The Park

Alissa Moore's Point of View:

I brushed the tears from my eyes as I sat down on the old bench in the deserted park. This is one of my safe places. I always come around here when I have a lot on my mind and today my problems have piled up on me. Hearing this all of you might think that I'm a poor little girl with no money and no home but I'm quite the opposite.

My name is Alissa Moore and I am the daughter of the famous billionaire Brian Moore and fashion designer Amy Moore. I have two siblings my older brother Dominic Moore and my younger sister Brianna Moore. Persons always think that because we are the children of billionaires, we are stuck up and mean. They never try to get to know us first because of how much money we have but we are all humble and very kind.

My sister and I work with our father in his telecommunications company, it is a very challenging and demanding job. Dad always expects the best from me. I've always been able to meet my father's demands but what he wants from me now is outrageous. I was so absorbed in my self-pity that I didn't even realize that I wasn't alone anymore until I heard someone speak.

"What's a beautiful girl like you doing in a place like this?"

I jumped off of the bench at lightning speed and turned around to find a very handsome man standing before me. He was strikingly handsome with his dark hair and beautiful eyes. He looked familiar but I couldn't place where I had seen him before. Silently debating whether or not I should answer him I finally decided to do so since it wouldn't hurt to be polite. I'd feel bad about not answering him anyway.

"T-thank you," I stuttered a blush instantly coating my cheek when I remembered the fact that he had called me beautiful.

I slowly sat back down and gazed out at my surroundings. I've always been able to calm down myself by gazing into a calm surroundings. The peacefulness of the area and also the fact that this park is always deserted make it calm and quiet. I was so distracted that I completely forgot about the stranger that was standing beside me, that is until he spoke again.

"So... do you mind telling me your name?"

I once again looked up at his handsome face. Should I tell him who I am? Or am I too trusting?

I continued to look at him and decided that it wouldn't hurt to tell him my name. I wouldn't give him my full name but he could know the first one.

"My name is Alissa... What's yours?"

He smiled a breathtaking smile and sat beside me but not too close as if allowing me to keep my personal space. Even though I respected that I felt a pang of sadness that he didn't sit closer to me but I quickly ignored the feeling and focused on what he was saying.

"My name is Rafael"

I almost melted into a little puddle. The way he said his name with his accent made his name sound incredibly sexy. It was just then that I realized that he had an accent. It sounded almost Italian but I wouldn't know for sure unless I asked. I turned my body on the bench so that I could face him properly. He was looking at me with a small smile on his face.

"I couldn't help but notice you have an it Italian?"

The small smile that he had on his face instantly fell to form a shocked expression. He looked as if the carpet has been pulled right from under his feet. Well maybe persons could easily figure out what accent he has and I was the dumbo who couldn't figure it out. I was about to ask him what's wrong when he stuttered out.

"Y-you don't know who I am?"

I paused looking at him again this time trying to see if I know him from somewhere. I've met a lot of people while working for my dad so I might have seen him before somewhere. I couldn't pick up where I had seen him before but he did look familiar.

"I'm sorry," I said as I looked at him "you look familiar but I can't seem to remember where I saw you before"

He seemed awfully surprised and somewhat relieved. This must be a first for him to react this way to someone not knowing who he was. With a face like that, I bet he was used to having a person recognize him from miles away. I was surprised when he scooted closer to me and pulled me close to him. I shivered in his arms, I would expect to feel disgusted with him touching me but strangely I felt safe in his arms. I felt as if every single one of my problems vanished into thin air.

"I want to see you again," he whispered into my ear "come to the last dance of the year in France and give them your name"

He pulled away from me only to wipe away the tears from my cheeks. I was surprised myself that I didn't realize that I was crying. He leaned in close and gave me a lingering kiss on my forehead. I closed my eyes savoring the feeling. When I opened my eyes again he was gone. I looked around to see if I could find him but he was nowhere to be found. He disappeared just as quickly as he came.

It was quite impressive how stealthy he could be. I smiled to myself and once again gazed out at my surroundings. I wasn't worried about him being gone because I knew that I would see him again at the last dance. I just had to gather the courage to actually go there. This week should be fun.

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