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A beautiful woman tied between love and slavery, married to a billionaire to save her father. Jasmine struggles to let loose from the grip of Aman fighting for a way to settle her father's debt, met kaleel an old lover working for Aman, falls inlove the second time faces difficulty in choosing between love or saving her father.

Romance Erotic For over 18 only.

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The liaison

The evening was still ending beautifully, the cool breeze, colourful rays and the dancing of trees made everything looked perfect.

"I couldn't wait to be with you" jasmine says as she draws near resting her head to his chest while she gently stroke his cheeks with her hands gently rasing her eyes with intense gaze as she stares into his eyes

" I love you so much kaleel" she whispered in between breaths as she reached for his lips.

Locked in an intense pasion, jasmine determined to let go of her guard held tight to his chest breathing hard like a bull in the ring panting for more as the atmosphere saturates with desire.

" I can't do it" kaleel replied as he pulls off the grip of her hands pulling away to the couch placing his hands on his head moving through his hair "i can't go through with it jasmine, you are still his wife" he said as he stoop up moving towards the fight of stairs.

"You know i cant let this be kaleel and am ready to do anything it takes" replied jasmine as she continues to undress as she follows him up the stairs.

Stuck between passion and morality kaleel struggles to keep away as she pushes harder

"You are trying so hard to get me fired or even killed aren't you" he staggers as he stares at her bewitched by warm golden buttery skin glittering slightly covered underneath sheets

" I'd gladly do that if it means being with you" she smirked rolling over naked laying bare on the standard king bed. Swayed by emotions he leaned over an inch to her ears

" Its time to make a deal with the devil then" he said pulling her bare to his chest engulfed in emotions swimming in the pool of pasion, they moan at the excitement of the moment blocking the world out

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Mercy Kolo Mercy Kolo
Tanx a lot, it is indeed strong. God bless u
February 16, 2022, 08:24
Musa Yusuf Bwala Musa Yusuf Bwala
More grace ma... This is so inspiring!🌟
February 13, 2022, 16:33
Akacha Sardau Dunoma Akacha Sardau Dunoma
Done ma
February 13, 2022, 07:06
Audu Gana 🇳🇬 Audu Gana 🇳🇬
February 13, 2022, 02:46

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