Emily Richards

A story about a greedy man. Will he change and learn his ways? Find out.

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A grouchy load

There was a time and place for everything. Having fun while doing work at your job is a prime example. There are people that takes things seriously, but there are people that takes things seriously. I'm one that takes things seriously. My name is Golin and I'm the boss of a clothing shop. My employee, david, likes to joke around. He and his family didn't have much, but he was still happy. Him being poor wasn't my problem and i don't pay him to clown around."Golin, please i need a raise for my family." David pleaded. "No, i don't think you need a raise. You joke around way too much." Golin said."I know but-."David tried to talk but Golin interrupted him."No buts, now get back to work."Golin said before walking back to his office.

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