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Antalog was a lady who become witch due to a curse and finding a person who can free her from the curse let's see what's happen in the story.

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Cursed lady

Ago ago in america year 1990 there was a cruel lady named Antalog she lived in a 2 story house and she was a shopkeeper in a wheat and rice grains shop and she mix tiny stones in her grains in a large amount.

She was doing progress day-to-day by this and a day of winters when she thought to mix more stones in her grains. She mixed 3kg of stones in a 5kg of grams.

She opened the shop and many person came their to buy their daily grains and wheats as their was only one shop near to the colony.

She sold all of the grams and wheat.

On evening an old priest came their and taken some grams and gone to his hurt.

When he cook the food and was having a dinner he ate the grams and suddenly a stone broke his last two tooth and the blood start falling.

The priest become angry and cursed the women that"she will be a walking witch who have to eat stone to survive and when she will try to eat food the food will become stone and soil"

On the other side the lady become a witch and her shop become soil and ashes her house was also become ash and automatically started walking and started eating stones on the way.

-----------rest of the story will be in next part till then bye --------------

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