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Dieing Souls of Babylon

Look. Look.

See with your eyes... Not with your mind?

Bluebeam project gonna fool mankind.

Another false flag. Covid-19.

Let's take a peek behind the scenes.

Propagated media. Secrets and lies.

Fall for the government's alibis.

Agenda 21. The U.N. plan.

Crypto currency for the evolved man.

A new global net. 5G and A.I.

Dieing world of radiation,

Stay at home or die.

A century of deception from the

United Snakes.

Ashcroft, The Bushes, Clinton's, Bill Gates.

Names put to paper for a system

of control.

Fiat money for credit. The fight for

your soul.

Wall Street, Rupert Murdoch.

J.P. Morgan, Apple tech stock.

I could make a list of who's been

ripping us off.

Monsanto sells us cancer.

Socialism ain't the answer.

These people have stole billions

and it still ain't enough.

At the Georgia Guidestones.

There's a small celestial hole.

Astrology. Mythology.

Dichotomy for the elite.

A new age 10 commandments.

Multi language, etched in granite.

Scientology. Egyptology.

Suckle from Crowly's teat.

With ears they do not hear, and

with eyes they do not see.

Dieing souls of Babylon,

There is no victory.

Invent the tools to break all the rules,

Sell it to fools in Idolatrous form.

Follow the clues, It's all a big ruise.

Meant to confuse those that do not conform.

More people dieing, but that's

nothing new.

Look the other way, 'till it happens

to you.

The Red Dragon warning has fallen

on deaf ears.

Until a pandemic's been reengineered.

Life on earth has changed.

The minds of the deranged.

Now the War Pigs have control.

The age of global slaves.

Convincing genocidal minds,

That murder is o.k.

A symphony of destruction.

The stage is set, Now watch the play.

The President's lips move on the propaganda tube.

Repeat the lie enough, and people think

It's true.

History repeats itself. Will we

ever learn.

Books are written by the victors.

All the rest is burnt.

The truth's been right in front of us,

Connect the frickin' dots.

Remote Frequency ID, Vaccines and Nanobots.

Wake up to the truth, There's proof.

Validity in my words.

The hour's getting late, Our fate's

in the hands of evil nerds.

Zuckerberg and Soros, I'm calling

you out for Treason.

Crimes against The Constitution,

And so many other reasons.

Militarized Police State.

Submit, or be condemned.

Unwilling subordinate.

It's F.E.M.A. camp for them.

I've had my eyes on this

Agenda of lies.

I've followed the bread crumbs,

and seen through the disguise.

Decades of signs and prophecy,

and now it might be to late.

Heaven's Mercy has closed the door

and left us to our fate.

Written by: Michael Taylor

© April 24th 2020

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The End

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