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There is something more about rumors you would hear around. There must be more than anything anyone could hear because a secret is indeed a secret that no one must hear, no one must know. Everyone thought they know about something if they heard rumors about it, but there must be something to surprise them about the truth because no one could know a secret once it's called a secret. No one could know the truth of a secret unless it is not a secret anymore.

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Jelaine Shil Moara started her first year in her senior high at her present school when her mom suddenly decided to transfer her to a new school. Her mother told her she was going to a school that she heard had a bad reputation. Rumors say it is a school for rebellious kids, but to be so admitted that she will not fit into the kind of surrounding, she was unwilling to take the step forward. But it was not her choice to make.

She'll meet a group of guys with seven members known as the Seven Leaders. She was unacquainted with who they were. In due course, she will find out that her fiancé, whom she hasn't seen for quite a while, was part of the group. Eventually, there were many secrets she was about to discover by being with them and devoured by her curiosity.

Because she got invaded a world in which she's completely unknown how's the run, she has to adjust. Get trained, be flexible, and build herself in a way needed to fit into the world to provide herself protection.

The Seven Leaders were clueless that the Queen was tracking and monitoring them for the time being. They were incognizant that the plans they created they thought were in the saddle were about to be out of control without them realizing it in time.

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