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Any dies along with her brother in a plane crash, leaving her husband and her 9-month-old son.

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i want my friend back


Hi, my name is Josh, I'm 28 years old and I'm Leo's father .I'm married to Any, she will always be the woman of my life

Any died in a plane crash while going to Brazil, she was going to do a show, the plane crashed in the woods, Noah, my best friend and brother-in-law, was with her, he didn't survive either

We had a son together, now he's my responsibility

I love him so much

According to Sabina, Any told her to take Léo to Bariloche, together with the girls

Anyway, I really miss my wife.

I remember everything, from our last kiss, our last hug, our last sex, our last I love you, our last cuddle and finally

I'm in my bed with Léo, he's sleeping, he sleeps like a little angel, he's my greatest memory of Any and my only inheritance from Any

I see that Leo starts to complain

and starts to wake up

Josh: hey baby

He opens his beautiful blue eyes and stares at me

Josh: hi my love

I give you a kiss on your cheek

the same smile

Josh: let's change and go downstairs

I change his diaper and go downstairs

Josh: Hi Saby, Sina, Joalin and Heyoon

girls: hi

Saby: hey, most beautiful thing about godmother

Take Leo on your lap

Heyoon: It's getting more beautiful every day

Josh: thanks heyoon, I needed to hear it, my wife was saying that about me

Heyoon:..........I was talking about Leo......


Josh: ok

Joalin: Poor thing, wait..... just Any said that you're handsome?

Josh: no you idiot

Sina: I miss my moana....

Saby: I miss my larina.....

Joalin: I miss my friend....

Heyoon: I miss my child number 6.....

Josh: I miss my wife....

Sina: I miss my boyfriend.....

Saby: I miss my best friend....

Joalin: I miss them.....

Heyoon: I miss my kids 6&7

Josh: I miss my best friend....

We finish talking and Leo starts to want to cry

Josh: don't cry my baby come here with daddy

I take him in my lap

Heyoon: I think he misses his mom

Josh: he's sorry, he's already called her a few times

Saby: the psychiatrist told you to put Any songs on TV when that happened

Joalin: put it on now Josh

Josh: I'll put

I put a song of hers,actually I put on a show, I already saw that there's going to be a song that I'm going to cry, it's called, Stop the Plane

Saby: Oh my God I'm going to cry

Sina: will she sing some of the Mistresses' songs?

Sabi: I don't know

Bosses, that's what the three were called, they released several songs together, like, Forget Me If You Can, Everybody But You, Presepada, Bebeça and anyway

Sina: saw Sabina, she's going to sing there my God

Speak watching Any start singing Fan Club, they also released this song

Finally the show ends and we cry


Josh: calm down Sina, calm down, I want my wife back too, that's all I ever wanted in life

Sabina: Sina and I are going to do the first show after they died, you'll see right?

joalin: for sure

Leo: mommy

Josh: it's mommy my love

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