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In a time when dragons were puny creatures, and men were nothing to fear. Three boys are brought to the village Gan where their lives begin. War, love, honor, bravery, and courage. Find out where their future ends up. Find out how things end, that is if things end at all...

Fantasy Dark Fantasy Not for children under 13.

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The Tongue of Bloodline and Elves


Vralen – Bloodline – Means disintegrated and smash.

Darsk – Bloodline – Creates a ball of rock, follows the castor's hand movements.

Lerick – Bloodline – Means lightning.

Ecks – Bloodline – Means heal.

Troung – Bloodline – Means thunder.

Wyve Tanel, flow myth – Bloodline – Means Weave Tanel, taking mine.

Prowey o' tow reth, tel my uth ut – Bloodline – Means Power of the ring, let me use you.

Shaest – Bloodline – Means Shadow power.

Thayet sa ruglay eh yu Tanel – Bloodline – Take a fragment of my Tanel.

Elley – Bloodline – Means teleport.

Peksth – Bloodline – Means enter the mind.

Euthway powe noe eyk heya ni, uth hyga hestaaya uckna lumen yent – Bloodline – Means While using this ring, I bring this boy from the unloving.


Eveglath – Elven – Means fire.

Wox – Elven – Means vines.

Terim – Elven – Means stop magic.

Slos – Elven – Means quake.

Feust – Elven – Means a wooden fist, follows the castors hand movement.

SaLore – Elven – Means Duke.

Etno – Elven – Means hello.

Etno, effrely ono effreens. Myt theleg ono e' oha rehetel lotro orfa the ayad, ono laal e' kasa orfa si a roma orfa hete igine – Elven – Means Hello, family and friends. My nephew and I have come here for one day, and all I ask for is a room for the night.

Oah ay oha hete seteb roma lotro – Elven – Means You may have the best room here.

Naket oah – Elven – Means Thank you.

Oah rea reyv elcow – Elven – Means You are very welcome.

Lingex – Elven – Means eruption.

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