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Long ago, nobody believed in him. For them, he was nothing but a messed up young man trying to fit in, like a circle on a square. Deep wounds formed inside his heart, going as deep as the core of his heart.The days grew shorter each day for the young man, while the nights grew immense in front of his eyes.

And just like that, one fine day, he just got tired of crying so much. His eyes already hurt from so much sadness.Although he was told that spending time on him was a real waste of time, deep down in his heart he knew he deserved better.

Using what little strength he had left, he made a superhuman effort and rose from the mud. What others had told him yesterday was a thing of the past. A new day he was waiting for his young heart.

Gone were those people who only saw him as a child. He had grown into a true man.

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The End

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Patricia Pixie Poesía y microrrelatos son mis pequeños grandes placeres a la hora de escribir.

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