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The Restoration Of Jesus Christ Church Of Reality Non-Denominational Of The United Congregational Baptist. 2022-2023 Weekly Bible Stories. It will go by 1 Month. Example - The month of January Book of Genesis etc. The first 20 chapters will be based on prayers Short And Long Of the universerul church (Catholicism).

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Old Testament & Torah

Old Testament

The Meaning Of The Old Testament Books.

Glory Be To The Father , Son And Holy Ghost.



The major sections of the Old Testament include the

foundational stories of creation and ancient Israel,

the ways of wisdom and a flourishing life, and the

prophetic life of faith. Whether as a community

or an individual, the hoped-for response to God’s

faithfulness is a heart and mind offered in praise

to God and a life extended in love to a neighbor.


The Beginning of the Story.

The beginning of the Bible is a collection of five books — Genesis,

Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Because they tell

God’s story of the world and are intended to shape the identity of

Israel as the people of God, these five books are foundational for

the entire story of the Bible.

The Beginning of the Story

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus

Numbers, Deuteronomy.




Genesis begins with a gift—the world as creation and

human beings as creatures, all created in relationship

to God. Genesis is also an account of how the world

and human beings move from well-being and peace

in a harmonious relationship with God to disorder and

brokenness. Other beginnings are here too, including

families, work, and migrations. Genesis introduces

the story of Abraham and Sarah and their sojourn to

a new land, along with the story of Jacob and Esau. In

response to the promise of God, known as a covenant

relationship, Abraham and the generations that follow

are witnesses to God among all people. Genesis

concludes with the dramatic life of Joseph, including

a resolution to his broken family relationships.


The book of Exodus takes up life for Israel in the

years following the death of Joseph. It provides an

account of time and the rhythms of remembrance

that are important for Israel as they are formed in

faith in the one true God. In Exodus, we learn about

the life of Moses and his rise as leader; Pharaoh, his

oppressive ways and the plagues; the crossing of

the Red Sea; bread from heaven; and the Tabernacle,

and the gift of the Ten Commandments or Torah that

is intended to shape their community and identity

before God.


Leviticus is filled with specific laws governing

areas of diet and food, what is clean and unclean,

animals and blood, offerings and worship. There is

also a special concern for the widow, the orphan,

the stranger and refugee in their midst. These

regulations support an understanding of God as a

God of life and all of creation.


In Numbers, we learn of Israel’s life in the wilderness.

Sinai, Kadesh and Moab are also geographic

touchstones along this journey. We find a transition

of faith and leadership from one generation to

the next. There are two census accounts, one at

the beginning and one near the end. These two

census accounts show the transition from the first

complaining generation to the second generation

of hope. The latter will enter the promised land.


During his final words to Israel, addressing the

second generation of hope, Moses reviews the

entire history of Israel and how God has been in

a relationship of loving commitment to them. In

order to prepare them for the land God promised

them, he urges they be faithful to the true, one

and only God of Israel: do not have or follow

false gods, be grounded in the Law or Torah.


The Books Of Moses. (5 Laws Of Moses)

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