Stuck up, self obsessed attractive women. Why they act this way. The truth. Follow story

Michael Castile

How some women act in such a foolish, and egotistical manner. Which is all quiet sickening.

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Making sense of some women.

Why do attractive women act this way. The truth.

How to make sense of some women.

Just cause I ask you the way or where do I pay
Or for a product in a shop
It doesn’t mean your looks astound
Make me fall to the ground
So I drool like a fool
As you frown and look down
As I place you upon a pedestal on high

Just cause I see you walking down the street
It don’t necessarily mean I’m keen for us to meet
Maybe I don’t like the look of you
The way you hold and carry yourself
The clothes you wear and do you swear
And what kind of shoes you got ?

Maybe I’m married, perhaps I’m gay
Or maybe I ain’t interested in a relationship today
I got better things to do than spend my time drooling over you
Like take the cat for a walk, or get the project up and running at work
If you have ‘that Attitude’
The one that I find rather rude
The one that says I’m a beauty and you want me……..Yes you do
Well no I don’t especially if I see That Attitude
I think that’s quite obnoxious and believe you should be sued
For such an unhealthy view of life, causing men like myself so much strife

A woman is a lot more to me than just how pretty she can be
The character has to be in place along with the personality
If these aspects ain’t in place,you aint even at the starting gate
Are you decent are you loyal, or do you treat men just like fools
Do you listen, are you adventurous, are you stressed or even depressed
Are you strange and bizarre, can you even drive a bloody car
Are you honest and fairly clean, or perhaps you’re kinda mean
Maybe at times even verging on the obscene
I don’t mind obscene, but rather if you were not too mean

Generosity is nice and perhaps it would make me look twice
Maybe stop and get to know you in depth
Who knows we may dip our toes, in the fringes down the road
Into the beginnings of a pleasant ongoing relationship

Are you a liar, or do you aspire, to a more honourable way of life
Are you loyal and discreet to the people that you meet
Can you fulfil the commitments that you make
Without swearing like a stressed out state trooper for goodness sake
Or Getting All Sarcastic And Calling People Mate

Are You Decent Are You Kind
Can You Hold A Man’s Attention With Your Mind
Are You Mental Are You Calm, Have You Ever Even Being To Siam ?
Were You Kind To Your Mother, How About Your Little Brother
What About Your Classmates At School
Yeah You Know…….Even The One’s Who Were Not Too Cool
Were You Cruel And Unkind,Or Did You Pay Them No Mind
These Are Some Of The Questions I Would Have For You

It’s ‘that Attitude’ That I Detest, That Some Women Wear Just Like A Vest
The One That Say’s I’m a beauty, I’m the best And You Want Me Out Of This Dress
You’d Love To Get Your Hands Upon My Chest , And More….And Yes I Know The Score
Well No, Not Really With ‘that Attitude’
It’s Not That I Get All Depressed, And Really Rather Stressed, But This I Could Well Do Without
So When You Grow Up Maybe Give Us A Shout, And I’ll See What I Can Do For You To Help Sort You Out

If You Think Men Spend Their Time Drooling Over The Likes Of You
It’s Only Yourself You’re Fooling, We Got Better Things To Do
A Pretty Face With Nothing To Say, Does Not Make For An Entertaining Day

I Blame Men For The Predicament We’re In, Who Treat Women Like Goddesses Who Could Commit No Sin
These Foolish Men Will Have To Make Amends For Making It Worse For The Rest Of Us
From Fathers To Brothers, To Priests And Many Others, Who Put All The Emphasis On How A Girl Looks
Without Much Thought Or Consideration To Whether She Can Could Cook, Or Even Read, Write A Book
Well Not For Myself It Don’t

Unfair On Women I Have To Say, It Must Be Hard To Be Judged On How You Look Every Day
Can’t See That Changing Anytime Soon
But That’s The Way, That’s Their Lot, Their Just Gonna Have To Put Up With What They Got
That’s Their Battle, That’s Their Strife
But Not All Men Judge You For The Way You Look, Especially Those Of Us Who Like A Good Cook

A Woman With A Mind That Can Entwine, With A Personality And Character So Sweet
She’d Be Near Complete, And Maybe Good Enough To Sweep A Fella Right Off His Feet
These Are Aspects I Look For In A Woman I Might Meet

Some Women Have That Body Language And ‘that Look’, That Leaves Lesser Men Kinda Shook
The Attitude That Seems To Say, I’m Such A Beauty You Best Stay Away
I’m So Good Looking It’s Just Untrue, What In The Hell Am I Gonna Do
All The Boys Want Me, Yes They Do, It’s Just So True, Oh Good, Oh Good, Oh Goody Two Shoes
It Don’t Matter I Ain’t Got No Brain, And At Times Can Be Rather Tiresome, I’m Just Saying
But Look At Me, And You Can See, Just Look How Quiet Awesome I Can Be
My Daddy Told Me A Long Time Since, I Was A Beauty Of Exceptional Elegance
That Men Would Come From Far And Wide,To Drool And Grovel Right By My Side
It’s True, It’s True, It’s True I Say, I’m So Happy With The Way I Look Today
Now Where’s That Mirror, Then Down To The Prom
So All The Guys Can Look At Me, Like I’m A Total Sex Bomb

A Question I Would Ask Of You, Is When You Sit Alone At Night
Do You squeeze Your Buttock’s So Very Tight
Squeeze, And Squeeze And Squeeze With All Your Might, Until Your Buttock’s Cannot Take No More
Until Your Backside Is Really Sore, Or Do You Continue With Aplomb
To Get The Figure Of A Sex Bomb
Do You Ask Within Your Mind, Is Their A Way That You Can Find, A Method To Make Your Buttock’s Shine
Not So Much To Give Yourself A Fright, More A Ritual To Carry Out Every Night
As You Sit In Front Of The Mirror , And Yelp With Delight At The Beauty Staring Back At You
Laugh So Much That You Can Barely See, How Really Beautiful You Can Be
With The Make Up Done Ever So Right, Not A Hair Out Of Place
How Can A Girl Be So Lucky To Have Such A Pretty Face

Do You Laugh Even More Even Though You’re Not A Whore
As You Clench Your Buttock’s With All Of Your Might, About How You Can Draw The Men In
Who Would Be Willing To Commit Sin, Just To Have Their Way With You
Or Do You Sit On Your Window Sill, With Your Derriere High In The Air To Thrill
Some Passing Nuns Who Would Be Stunned, And Possibly Scream With Delight
In Seeing A Rear, Where It Was Fairly Clear, It Had Been Worked On Quite A Bit, Both Day And Night
Or Do You Sit By Your Window In The Evening Bright, With Your Derriere In Full Sight
Of The Passing Crowds As You Feel So Proud, And Want To Show It To Somebody

These Are The Questions That Run Through My Mind, As I Twist And Turn In Bed At Night
Or Sometimes As I Study My Own Backside, In Private By The Candlelight.


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