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Steve has been an explorer for all of his life. He has been everywhere that he could think of. But he now has his mind set on making a mark on the newest dimensions: The Nether and The End (not to be confused with "end" as in something is done). He may have to overcome one thing though: his new, experienced friend - who might also be his secret crush - Alex McGraw. NOTE: The content described is not mine. This is a fanmade series and all of the Minecraft material here is owned by Mojang, Copyrighted in 2009.

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Chapter 1: Benchmarking

This story begins a long time ago. Steve Hallow is now 7 years old, living with his parents in a nice village. Steve's favorite hobby was exploring the unknown. One day, Steve saw a tower while exploring. "Wow, that looks nice!" he said. "I wonder what's in it?" Little did he know that the building was actually a pillager base. He tried to get in but realized the door was locked. He knocked on it. "Hello? Is anyone there?" he asked. No one answered. He knocked again. No one answered still. "They must not be home," Steve said. He headed back to his home using his map. His mom gave him 2 cookies when he came in. "Did you go anywhere dangerous?" she asked. Steve answered with confidence, "Mom, you know I wouldn't go anywhere unless I knew it was safe." His mom said to him, "I'm starting to wonder if you are now an expert at exploring!" Steve chuckled as he ate the cookies. But soon after, there was a noise. After the noise was a rumble. "Mom, is dad fighting a creeper again to get gunpowder?" His mom said, "No, I know it doesn't rumble that hard when a creeper blows up." Then, they heard screaming. Steve looked out the window. He saw multiple gray people attacking the village. Many buildings were on fire, the villagers dropped food, and Ravagers were there. "Mom, the village is going wrong!" He shouted. His mom quickly ran over. "Oh no. Steve, it's a raid!" Steve said, "A raid? What's that?" His mom said, "I can't explain now. You need to get out of here." She quickly rushed through all the chests that were in that house. "What are you doing?" Steve asked her. "Steve," she said. "I might not be around much longer. I want you to take all these food, and weapons, and put it all in your inventory." Steve took everything. "I have to leave?" he asked, starting to get concerned. "When this is over, use this compass to find me. Let's get you out of here." Steve exited out the back door. He started getting more sad. "Bye, mom," he said, devastated. "Bye, Steven," her mom said. Steve ran away. As he got to a hill that was nearby, he saw his village getting attacked. He looked at it for one last time and started to cry. He kept running, not looking back. Now at this point, the story fast-forwards to 13 years later. Many would have expected Steve, now in his 20s, to struggle to survive. This was not the case. Steve was doing just fine; he had plenty of food, he built a nice home, and he even had a farm. And he still loved exploring as much as he did back when he was a little child. One day when Steve woke up, he decided to explore some caves. He grabbed his food, picked up his armor, and set off. "So, what shall I find today, universe?" he said looking up. Soon, he almost fell into a hole. "Woah, that's a big hole!" He looked inside the hole and realized it was actually a ravine. "Wow, I want to see more of this! Geronimo!" He jumped into the ravine and landed in the water. "This looks amazing!" he exclaimed as he heard his echo. He walked around the cave, wowed by the scenery around him. Soon, he found a special light blue ore. "What's this?" he asked. He thought it was so cool that he wanted to keep it. He got his wood pickaxe out and started to mine it. But then, he heard a noise. "What was that?" He asked. He got back to mining. He heard the same noise again. "Ok, who's out there?" He put one hand on his sword. He started getting scared. But then, he saw a zombie. "Oh, phew! I thought it was something bad," Steve said as he breathed a sigh of relief. He quickly killed the zombie. "Easy peasy," he said. But as he turned around, his face got shocked. He not only saw so many more zombies, but also saw many skeletons, creepers, and spiders. They were all coming down to kill him. "You guys ain't no match for me," he said quietly in a deep voice. Steve got to fighting the mobs one by one. He slashed the spiders, broke the skeletons' bows, and used the creepers to blow other mobs up. Soon, He killed all but one skeleton. He saw his bow glowing. Steve got his arm out and made a gesture that said, "Come here." The skeleton pulled out his bow. Steve got his sword ready to block it. But then. he heard a faint noise from above. Steve didn't have time to see what it was, so he focused on the skeleton. The skeleton shot an arrow at him. He got his sword out, ready to block it. But then, just as he was about to deflect the sword, someone jumps down. She blocks the shot from the skeleton. Steve asked, "Who are-" she interrupted, "Move back, now!" Steve moved back. But, he still wondered who that person was. She started fighting the skeleton. Steve watched her but was yet to see her face. Then, as she was doing a backflip while fighting, he saw it. He immediately froze in shock. Steve could feel his heart beating. Alex landed on the skeleton to kill it. "Are you out of your mind?" she asked Steve. Steve moved closer. "How did you do that? I'm blown away!" he said. "That skeleton had an enchanted bow," Alex said. "It could have been efficiency 5, which could have killed you in one shot. Have you ever gone into a cave before?" Steve said, "Yes. A lot of them. My whole life I've traveled across the Earth. I've been everywhere I can think of." She asked, "Oh, really? So, you went to every place in the overworld?" Steve said with confidence, "Everywhere. I've been in caves, trees, mountains, the entire world!" The person was impressed. "Well, that's pretty nice! Come on, I wanna show you my village," she said. Steve stopped her and said, "But I don't even know your name." She said, "My name's Alex. Alex McGraw." Steve said back, "I'm Steve Hallow." They both walked out of the forest.


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SG Shawn George Soni
The best Minecraft book ever! I have read the complete book, and I must say, I'm impressed. Keep doing great works!! Best Regards
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