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What is Wicca?

Wicca the old religion as practiced today, Is a gentle earth and nature oriented religion that can bring joy and magick into your life. This religion is not for everybody, although everybody can grow in their humanity, through knowledge gained in the study of it’s philosophies, belief’s, and rituals. Wicca is life oriented filled with song and dance, love and pleasure, and spiritual satisfaction.

Wicca is a name that describes any of the Neo-Pagan religions that honour the old religions of pre-Christian times. The name Wicca means “Wise-one’s” in its original Anglo-Saxon. Wiccan’s are aware that all life is sacred and interconnected. The most basic golden rule of Wicca is summed up in the Wiccan Rede “and ye harm none do what thou will, Ever mind the rule of three what thou put’s out comes back to thee”.

In Wicca there is no concept of the original sin. We believe that life should be a happy and joyous event and that all acts of love and pleasure are sacred to our Goddess. There is no concept of Satan or devil in Wicca, They are a Christian inventions and are not part of our Mythology. In Wicca there are many concepts of our deities, Depending on what culture and tradition is being followed. Traditions are groups of like minded people that follow specific deities and practices. Generic concepts of the deities are as follows: The first is that of the divine Goddess, She is the divine feminine principle. She is the mother of Earth and Nature, and mother to all galaxies. The second is that of the God. He is the divine masculine principle. The father of the sun and sky and father to the galaxies. He is the Goddesses mate and protector. The God and Goddess are part of us and everything around us; they are omnipresently manifested as all of creation. Everything contains a spark of the God and Goddess. Our deities are imminent and transcendent and where ever there are the deities there is the Wiccan.

Wicca recognizes that there is both a spiritual world and a material world. It is through meditation and ritual that we are able to access these spiritual realms. Wicca is one of the oldest forms of religion and philosophy known to mankind. There are no true and only forms of Wicca, The ancient origins of Wicca stretch back 30,000 years before Christ evolved.

Wiccans celebrate eight major holidays or what we call Sabbaths is what we call our wheel of the year. They mark the suns way across the sky on its seasonal journey. Many of our Sabbaths coincide with Native American Hopi holidays. An example of what we call Yule is the Native American Hopi holiday of Soyal.

One of the most recognizable of all Wiccan symbols is that of the Pentacle, Its symbolism is varied from culture to culture. But to Wiccans it is the symbol of the five elements of the goddess: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit.

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