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You know how most people think they know everything and tell you advice even though you didn't ask for it? Here's some articles that you can choose to read and comment on without being judged and/or manipulated. These are my opinions to some of the most controversial topics the Internet has been raging about! Check out my German Translation! enjoy ;)

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Mainstream in my opinion

We have all at some point in our lives have read, heard or seen a very controversial review of someone's comment or action. Every day some Youtube celebrity comes on my Instagram page and reports some nonsense about hairstyles or someone's skin color. In my opinion, protecting the rights and feelings of others on the internet has been misused for publicity stunts!

My first question is why now and why Generation Z? Let me explain my perspective! Generation Z is the first, whole generation that grew up with modern means of communication. They all had a flip phone or have a smartphone at home to call or chat with friends after school. You don't have to wait to meet up or to chat like you used to. Everything is in the moment. Because Covid-19 showed up now, the Internet became even more important. We couldn't hug each other and eventually got into the habit of not doing that, to a point where it's not "come give me a hug", but rather "are you vaccinated?". The death toll from the Corona virus was rising, but these were not the only deaths that were escalating. Every day there were more suicide cases. They say your mind is either your friend or pure hell. Gen Z has been called "the loneliest generation" by NYtimes. That's why Tiktok became one of the most popular aaps. It gives us help through everyday life with funny videos and sentimental comments when someone isn't feeling well. On Tiktok, people are there for each other.

But that still doesn't explain my question. We want to protect each other so much and often forget whether our statements can be true at all. We let ourselves be influenced more and more often by so-called popular influencers or Youtubers in our opinion. If someone's opinion doesn't suit you, that comment can be deleted at any time at the push of a button and your personal opinion disappeared. What remains is the "mainstream

I would say that Generation Z is the most inattentive, whiny and exclusionary generation in years. We tell each other what to say and what not to say, how to do something and how to react, although this generation has not really experienced much in life just yet. Julius Caesar said before his battle, experience is the best teacher.

Those who have experience, power and money exploit Generation Z so they can manipulate us into doing and buying things that make little sense and waste our time. Of course, there have been good things that have improved everybody's wellbeing, but the negatives outweigh the positives. Don't believe me, take another good look at your Tiktok page!

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To be continued... New chapter Every 30 days.

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