Daisy Briggs

What would you do if you found a guy with a self inflicted gun shot wound to his head? would you steal his suicide note? If so what would you find, does he deserve to live?

Crime Gothic horror For over 18 only.

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The beginning of demise

The clock handles had never been so loud 1,2,3 the hours passed slowly. Silense had never been so loud. I could hear my heart beating. I could take this anymore. I got out of bed, the mysery of the drooping ripped curtains stained with god knows what surrounded me. All of my clothes were old and ripped I had nothing to do. I put on shoes and just kept walking.

The area surrounding the place was Delosolent, the birds dared not to make a sound. The place was cursed. The cold nipped at my face.

BANG! what was that?! The sound pierced my ears. A gunshot? No it couldn't be- could it? Yes it was. I don't know if it was my stipidity or the adrenaline pumping through my body but I ran towards it.

It came from the forest, this was the fastest I had ran in a long time. When I finally reached the source of the gunshot, it was too late, a guy, he was laying there, He had a gunshot wound to his head.

I called for help on my phone, next to the man lay a book, It was his suicide note. I don't know what possessed me to but I took it.

It was at that moment I realized I didn't check for a pulse. Reluctantly, I reached out, surely he was dead by now.

He had a very weak and slow pulse. Thank god, sirens they are almost here. Within seconds, we were surrounded by people, police, paramedics and more.

The guy was rushed into an ambulance and quickly rushed of. I was left to give my statement. It was not rare that people round here tried to kill themselves, so the process was quick.

About an hour later I returned home. I lay in bed still unable to sleep.

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