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Being kidnapped at 17 isn't always the best. Especially when you live by yourself. Meeting the one who kidnapped me wasn't easy either, considering the he is a criminal. We went to high school together.

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               The moment I open my eyes is the moment I realized that I am not at home. I groan at the burning sensation in my arm. A noise echos in the room. I look around, but can't see anything because it is dark. I try to stand up,but I am held down by some chains.   "Hello?" I call out, which really was more like a whisper. My throat burns as well as my arm. I try again, "Where am I?" This time it's louder. "You are in a basement." A familiar yet unfamiliar voice calls back. I sigh, "Who are you?" They never answer, all I hear are footsteps that are getting closer. A light turns and a face appears. "W-Wyatt?" I croak. He gives me a sick smile, "The one and only." I scowl. "What the actual he-" I'm cut off by a smack to my cheek. "Do not talk unless you are spoken to. I will be address as sir. And only sir. Understand?" I reply with a nod. "I said, Do you understand?" I gasp as he smacks me again. "Yes, sir!" He gives a satisfied nod and exits the room. I start to cry silently when everything goes black.

      I wake up in a different room and I am in different clothes. I look at my arms and hands. I am no longer tied up and I don't feel that burning sensation anymore. I quickly and quietly head to the door only to find it unlock. "Yes." I say quietly to myself. I open the door and descend quietly down the stairs. "Finally, you're up."  I was stopped in my tracks by that voice. Wyatt's voice. "I'm in the kitchen." I follow a passage way that, luckily, leads me to the kitchen.  "Sit." He points to the chair that sits at the island. I nods and do as I am told. "What would you like to eat?" Wyatt asks me. "Sir, what do you have, sir?" I ask quietly. I hear him chuckle to himself. "Well, Max," He says to me, "I have waffles, bacon, eggs, sausages, grits, and cereal." I think about the choices. "Bacon and eggs, please, sir. May I have toast, as well, sir?" I ask politely. Wyatt nods, "You may." "Thank you, sir." He smiles lightly at me. "You're welcome. And you are excused now. Go to the living room and stay there til I call you in here." I nod, "Yes, sir."  I make my way to the living room. This place is easier to navigate than I thought. I think to myself. I sit down on one of the many couches and look at my surroundings. Too bad I don't have my phone anymore. I wonder what happened to make me get here. I wonder why he or rather how- My thoughts are interrupted by Wyatt calling me back to the kitchen, " Max! Breakfast is ready! Come on back to the kitchen now!" I swallow and make my way back to the kitchen. Once I get there, I sit in my original seat and wait patiently. "Now, Max." Wyatt starts as he sets my food down and he continues, "I want to explain the rules to you. I already told you how to respect me yesterday and I will explain the rest to you. 

"Rule 1.  Never leave this house without permission.

Rule 2. We have other people who live here and you will also address them as sir and m'am.

Rule 3. Do as you are told and you won't get punished.

Those are all the rules that you have for now. If we have any problems, we will either punish you or set more rules on you. Understand?"

I nod, "Yes sir." He nods, "Good. Now eat your food." I nod again and look down at my plate. I didn't realized how hungry I am til I looked at the food. I begin with the bacon and make my way to the eggs and toast. Sooner than I had expected, I am already done with my plate. I take my plate to the sink and begin washing it. As I wash the dishes  feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist. I tense up and almost drop the plate that I am washing. "You know that you are mine right?  I don't want anyone else touching you.  If they do anything to you that you do not like, tell me right away. Understand?" I nod mechanically, "Yes, sir." I manage to choke out. "Good, girl. And you don't have to do dishes, one of the others will do them." He tells me and I set the plate down and Wyatt pulls me into the living room. " Sit." Wyatt orders.  I do as I am told and sit.  "You are really quiet. I don't remember you being so quiet in high school."  I shrug cautiously. "Care to tell me why you are quiet?" I sigh quietly before replying, "Well, sir, you did tell me not to speak unless spoken to. I don't want to get punished, so I am following orders, sir." He nods and puts a movie on before coming to sit by me.  I move to the far corner of the couch.  Wyatt follows my lead. I sigh inwardly and watch the movie.

   I open my eyes to find myself locked in a room that I didn't recognize. "Help!" I call out. That is when I realize that no one can hear me but I still try.  "No one can hear you, girl, now shut up!" A harsh voice ordered me. "NO!" I yell, "I want to know who you are and where I am." An evil laughs sounds out. I hear footsteps come towards me. Once I see the face, I scream. It has red eyes, and sharp teeth. "I said shut up!" It yells at me before coming near my face. I scream.  I jolt up from my bed, drenched in sweat. My door bursts open from a worried looking Wyatt. "What happened? Why did you scream?" He asks me. "I-I had a b-bad d-dream, sir." I tell him as tears stream down my face.  Wyatt rushes over to me and wraps his arms around me. "I'm sorry. What was your dream about?" I shake my head as I cry into his chest. He rubs my back and leans back. He cups my face. "Are you gonna be okay in here by yourself?"  I nod. "Okay. I'm gonna go back to my room now. Call me down here if you need me." "Yes sir." I say quietly.  Wyatt nods and heads for the door. "Good night, Max."  he says to me. "Good night, sir."  I reply before laying back down. "Could.. Could you lay down with me, sir?" I ask him when he steps out of the doorway. Wyatt looks back at me and he hesitates before saying, "Gladly." He shuts the door and makes his way back over to me. Wyatt lays next to me and wraps an arm around my waist. I bury my face into his chest. "Thank you." I mumble.  He kisses my forehead and the next thing I know, we both fall asleep.

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