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Hard-work pays

A lady had a small business she was running but there was no progress.

She decided to shut down the shop she was running after much thought.

One month later on her way to get food stuff, an old customer saw her and called out to her.

Customer: Miss, your shop has been shut down for some time now. Any problem?

Lady: that's not a shop, l don't have anything to do there anymore because I have waisted my precious time

Customer: Madam, things don't work like that. It's takes patience and hardwork to get to success.

Success comes only to those people who are patient and hard-working.

Lady: Hmm, really?

Customer: Yes, so I advise you to open back your shop because what's good is good and what's bad is bad.

Lady: Thank you very much. It's hard to see people like you.

Years later she became an owner of a hotel and a well know supermarket.

It's all because she listened to the advice and opened back her shop....

ADVISE: Success is not free; it's not for lazy people who gives excuses. Success comes to men/women who are dedicated, committed and ready to give all it takes to fulfill and achieve their dreams...

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