Alana Green

My healing journey that in hopes will help mothers know they are not alone and they are enough. Also maybe bridge way for a child / teenager to understand there mother in a different light.

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How it all begins

β€”Some mothers don't plan on being mothers. Some mothers don't do Anything to really Stop it and are like ok here we go, but kind of secretly hoping for it. Then you get Some Women who plan on being mothers for years and it takes what feels like eternity to finally become a Motner. Regardless of how you become one, you are instantly changed from that day forward. You know you would do anything for your baby no matter what. The bond between a mother and a child is sacret and Forever. .. This is why being a Mother is the most difficult job a women will have. Up until most women have there baby's they are just like kids them selves, trying to figure out the world, trying to figure out who they really are, what they really like, what their passions are. So in many ways Mother's are just like (big kids) but haven't found their true unique selves yet. Moms are just trying to raise their kids the best way they know how,but by the time, the some moms will have a good amount Of Knowledge of what not to do or what not to say, they know it just in time to maybe to have grandkids. A good time, but would have been helpful when your kids were 3 and 5 am I right. ...... So what Iam am saying is to all the mothers that are struggling you are not alone, And to all the kids and teenager, We try our best, We do what we think is right and we want you to learn from our mistakes if possible. We would not be so nosey and all up in your business if we did not love you to the moon and Back. My hope is that these words help some mothers feel like they are enough and are not alone. I also hope that a kid or a Teenager could just see a climpse or trickle into A Moms world.
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B Bulelwa
Wow!sometimes I think I'm the only one, because I got pregnant early age of 18.
January 03, 2022, 19:47

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