Short tale


There is no purpose to this life

I am lost in the shadows of depression

Its black vines grip me by the wrists and ankles and drag me into the belly of myself

It consumes me from within engorging itself with lust, greed, and hatred

It’s more than bondage

It’s more than an addiction

Its purely seductive lies draw me in

Like a sweet perfume

It begs me to fill myself with its desires

I step closer and take a bite only to have a sword jousted through my chest

Piercing straight through my heart

I scream in bitter agony

It enjoys my pain

Always has

So many times I have had this scar on my chest reopened


I'm not sure how I have been able to stay alive


This wound was different

The blade twisted inside my chest

As it slid back through my ribs

The blood created a sucking sound

Followed by a pop

A red mass of gore clenched to the blade

My heart

I hear a voice and it mocks me

You don't need this anymore, do you?

I mean you have practically ruined the poor thing

You are so quick to fall into any lie that I throw at you


I have you kissing my feet just like so many others

You know what?

Since you are so useless and there is absolutely no hope for you now

Because your heart is beyond repair

Why don't you just go and end your life right now.

You know where dad's gun is...

The vines grip tighter

They grow thicker

They start spiraling around my arms and legs like pythons eager to squeeze the life out of me

And swallow me whole

I take my final breath

Flash of light

Followed by pure darkness

Am I dead?

Is it over?

Is this what it is like to be dead?

Off in distance

At least I think it’s far away

There is a pinhole of light

Probably another lie

Just trying to get me hope for something

But I know that there is nothing more to earth than pain and suffering

So what I did was the best thing I could do right?

Spare myself from a life that sucks

The light got bigger and brighter, a lot brighter

So bright in fact that it burned my eyes to even squint at it

It began to surround me

The darkness fled as the light got close to it


It’s like the darkness is afraid


I am overwhelmed with emotion

Not an emotion that I am accustomed to

There something different

Something I have never felt before

I liked it and hated it

Like a drug

Tears swelled around my eyelids and began to stream down my cheeks

I don't know why I'm crying

I just know it feels right with this emotion

The overwhelming emotion suddenly vanishes

A terrible disgusting creature appears right in front of me

It had no skin

Just strands of muscle

Followed by bone at the joints

It was fat

Very fat

Its intestines, stomach and other gore spilled out lying on the ground

I felt compelled so I asked it

Who are you?

It said

I am you

I am your heart your deceitfully wicked heart

I am your closest friend

Then my heart vanished

Now there is a guy

He's nailed through his wrists and ankles onto a large wooden cross

He has deep gashes that cover his body

His left eye is swollen shut

He is drenched in blood from head to toe

He has a crown but there is 3in thorns spreading in all directions

Most are buried into his skull

He's definitely dead


I saw his chest move

How could anyone be alive after losing that much blood?

He had bled so much that it began to form a pool on the ground below him

His right eye opened

A brilliant mix of hazel

He had a piercing stare

He looked right into my eyes but further

He stared into my very soul

The emotion engulfs me again

He moves his lips and begins to utter a collection of sounds

Each syllable falls heavily on me

Like I was being crushed into dust

Again, again and again

I comprehend what he had just said

I love you

Is this the emotion I was engulfed with?


I ask the man

Who are you?

He responds

I am the lover of your heart

This death that is upon me is what your heart deserves

I am balling now

Ferociously crying and throbbing

This is the purpose for life

No it’s not he is just manipulating you


This is what I have longed for my entire life

To be loved


You see where love gets you.

You give it to every girl you come to only to have it slashed up

Your dad left you and your mom blames everything on you

There is no such thing as love


Yeah, you’re right

The man suddenly yelled.

Reveal yourself!

I feel this hot damp breath on my neck

It stinks to high heaven

The hairs stand up on the back of my neck

I slowly turn around only to find


My heart in its disgusting condition is leaning right up against my back

I feel the fluids begin to soak into my shirt


My heart says in it wheezing voice

Right now you must choose

Come back to me

Come fill your desires and cravings

We will have all the fun in...


Someone yelled

Wait I had said that

I begin to shout into the sky in utter confusion

What is going on?

Why do I feel this way?

I blink the tears out of my eyes only to find myself alone in the blinding white light


Death is just going to torment me for eternity then

I look around then I see him

I see the man but

He is no longer on the cross

He is now walking toward


He has no blood on him

He has no crown of thorns

He is wearing a white robe with a scarlet sash draped across his shoulder

I notice scars on his wrists and ankles

He approaches me and embraces me

He's crying

Please come to me

I love you!

I have watched you since the day you were born

I watched you grow up into a young man

It hurt my heart every time I saw you fall into another lie

I know you mess up a lot but I am still infatuated with you!

I cannot be hearing this right

He loves me

He loves me?

There is no way

How is that even possible?

I am terrible and worthless


Stop telling yourself that you’re useless and stop fighting my love!

My heart breaks in two

My heart

My castle

It wasn’t being attacked but its walls had collapsed

I let him in

Knowing that the only threat he carries into my castle is


Oh Jesus I am sorry so sorry

How did I know his name?

I bow down to kiss his feet

I love you

I'm sorry

My tears slide down his feet between his toes

It’s okay, you have been forgiven before your birth

I have just been longing for you to notice me

You don't have to die

You can truly live now

Live a life full of joy, peace, hope, and purpose

I wake up in a daze

I'm in a white room


My mom is crying in the background

What happened?

Oh yeah

I pulled the trigger

But there is more isn't there

His death has brought me new life and freedom

His death has brought me


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