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Ekhawd Nathan Pepmiller

An allegorical short story that depicts addiction through the life and actions of a beaver.

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Short tale

The Beaver

There once was a beaver who lived on top of a mountain and that mountain top retained a small lake. The lake flowed down the mountain and into the forest below. It was the island's source of life. Every plant and animal in that forest relied on these rivers to quench their thirst. Many times the lake would recede due to a drought but the rain always came and the rivers never stopped running. The rain was the beaver’s blessing. Every time it rained he cherished it and he loved how the rivers blessed the land around him.

One day as the beaver was walking around the edge of the lake he noticed some sticks lying on the ground and suddenly had this urge to throw them into the water. The beaver thought it was very strange to have such an urge. However, he quickly decided to give into this desire. When the final stick broke the water's surface with a splash he was was delighted but not entirely satisfied. As if he had just taken one bite of a delicious meal. He ventured into the forest to find more sticks and twigs. After a while, he started to run out so he decided that if throwing little sticks into the water was fun; throwing large branches into the water would be a blast. He then moved from finding dead branches to chewing off large branches from the surrounding trees. Eventually, that beaver ran out of branches and all he had left were the trunks of the trees. He didn't want to completely decimate his forest but he couldn't resist. He had to keep throwing wood into the lake. He tarried night and day, controlled by his obsession. Gnawing and biting until his mouth bled and his muscles cramped. Once he had cleared the entire forest on top of that mountain he was left in a pitiful state.

The beaver scanned the surrounding area and then broke out of his trance. The lake had become stagnant. It smelled terrible and it was no longer safe for drinking. He realized that the forest was gone. Then he examined the rivers down below and not a single one of them were flowing. Even the forest around those rivers had begun to die.

“What happened?” the beaver asked, “All that I had done was throw the forest into the lake. It shouldn't have affected anyone but me. I was just having fun. I mean, the Rain Giver was faithful to give us rain the entire time I was throwing the forest into the lake.” He pondered. 

When the beaver came to the realization that it was all his fault he asked for forgiveness. He jumped into the lake and began to break through the dams. He worked and worked to no avail because every time he removed a few limbs a few more would burst forth from the bottom to take their place. No matter how fast the beaver tried to take the limbs out, there just seemed to be no end. After toiling alone for hours on end the beaver decided to seek help from his other beaver friends that lived at the base of the mountain. The beaver had his friends join him in the water; they worked behind him so they could catch the onslaught of branches that were being pulled by the fast-forming current. The beaver worked and worked and his friends had his back every step of the way. It took them twice as long to get rid of every twig, branch and tree as it had taken him to throw them into the lake by himself.

Finally, after a very long time they completed the work they had started and the rivers flowed freely once more. The lake returned to its natural color and tasted better than ever. The water had returned to its life giving state. The beaver promised that he would never again dam up the lake and never again destroy the forest.

Yet the story doesn't end there.

One day as the beaver was admiring all the new life that surrounded him he wondered if there were any other beavers who had dammed up their bodies of water just like he had done. The beaver thought there must be others in bondage and in a pitiful state. With this in mind the beaver devised a plan.

He took all of his trees he had chopped down and constructed them into a little boat. It wasn't the most magnificent boat but it would stay afloat.

As the beaver rode down the river in his new boat, crowds gathered on the riverbank and cheered; he was setting off to help those who needed it most. The beaver really didn't know how far the river would take him or where he would run aground, but he knew what he had to do.

He navigated down the river until it spat him out at the ocean. He floated adrift for a while and tried to navigate the boat with his tail but he quickly realized he was at the mercy of the waves. He looked back and saw that he was too far away from land to swim back. Panic started to creep in. He began worrying about the decisions he had made.

Suddenly, something hit the bottom of his boat and it startled the beaver. A few seconds later something shook the boat again. The beaver looked down into the water and saw the outline of a huge Fish! Panic started to sink in. The Fish continued to brush up against the boat every almost methodically. While the beaver was nervously waiting for the fish to utterly destroy hen rickety boat he had an epiphany. The Fish wasn't attacking him it was directing him! The Fish had been guiding his boat all along. The Rain Giver had sent him a Guide and for that he was grateful. Where the fish was leading him the beaver had no clue, but he had a peace about the situation. He knew that he was going exactly where he needed to be.

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