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Rose was on her way to discover the mysteries of her nightmare and the disappearance of time, when she encountered a boy who captured her heart.

Fantasy Dark Fantasy For over 18 only.

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My Complicated Life

Rose was sitting on the bench in the cafeteria alone. She did not socialise with people, so this is the main reason, she always sits alone in the cafeteria. It does not mean she has no friends. As matter of fact, she is part of a popular group in school. Everyone in town likes her, not because she is a bright young lady, but because of an incident that happened to her when she was a child, which makes the town people feel sorry for her.They think the incident scared her soul for life. She did not talk about that horrific night with anyone, not even her therapist, who did not really know what really happened that night with her. A dark cloud always flies above them because Rose's cousin's parents died in the car crash. Rose's parents took her in and raised her as their own. They also did other philanthropic work, because they also raised an orphan boy. The Green family's good deeds made people like them more. Janet Green also helps people with herbal remedies, which is the best gift she is giving to the town. Many people in town come to her when they get ill. Mia Brighton comes to her.
What are you thinking about, "Mia asks Rose'
Thinking about my broken family, why can't it be perfect like any other family? "Rose says to Mia'
Mia says to her 'We are a great family. You know, I just want you to give him a chance. After all, he is our brother.'
Everything was great before he came along, "Rose says to Mia'
I hope you did not have that thought about me, "Mia says to her'
While they are talking to each other, Nate comes by and tells them that "dad" said to meet him in the parking lot.
Mr. Dawson asks them to get in the car. Mr. Dawson starts speaking to Nate.
Mr. Dawson says to Nate: "Me and your mother decided that you could drive a car on your own."
What about us? We are also old enough to drive a car. Are we "Mia", tell him," Rose says to Mia'
Calm down 'Rose', your brother deserves it, "Mr. Dawson says to Rose'
He is not my brother. How many times do I have to tell you? "Rose says to her father'
Her father stops the car. He looks at her.
You are disappointing me, young lady, because I don't expect this kind of behaviour from you, "Her father says to Rose'
He starts the car again. Everyone was quiet all the way home. They arrive at the house. Rose ran to her room and didn't say anything to her mother.
What's happened to her? "Mrs. Green says to Nate'
Nate did not answer her. He sits on the couch quietly. Mia pours juice into the glass and starts drinking it. Mr. Green enters the house with some flowers that are very different. Mia and Nate ask their father suspiciously why he brought them here.
It's good for your immunity, so your mother decided to use them in food, "Mr. Green says to them'
Gross, what are you talking about? I am not going to eat the dinner, "Mia says to her mother'
Forget it mom, me neither, "Nate says to his mother'
Mia and Nate rushed to their rooms and locked the doors. Dawson looks at him with an evil smile.
Why did you say that "Mrs. Green says to Dawson'
Because I know they will leave us alone, I improvised just a little bit, "Dawson says to Mrs. Green'
Rose is laying on the bed staring at the ceiling. She hears her phone vibrating constantly, so she grabs the phone in her hand. Rose unlocks the phone and sees a text message from Abigail. She opens them. Abigail asks her if she could join her on Saturday because some college students are going to throw a party on Saturday in the forest. Rose put the phone on the bed but did not reply. Mrs. Green knocks on the door.
You know the rule of his house that you can't sleep on an empty stomach, "Mrs. Green says to her'
Rose opens the door, hugs her mother, and says.
I am coming down in a second, "Rose says to her mother'
"Fine, I want you at the dinner table and don't forget to apologise to your brother about your behaviour," Mrs. Green says to Rose'
"Mr. Green says to Mia as he knocks on her door.'
Fine, I am coming, "Mia says to her mother'
They heard the knock at the door. Mr. Dawson opens the door. He tells Rose that Seth is here to meet her. If Rose comes down, ask him to come with me. He takes him in the backyard.
Why are you here? " Rose asks him '
I just wanted to see you, so I came. "Seth says to her '
I think you did not notice that I was in school earlier this morning, "Rose says to him'
"C'mon I was busy," Seth says to Rose.
"You were busy or you just don't want them to know that you hung out with me," Rose tells Seth'
I don't know why this bothers you because you told me that you don't want to hang out with them, "Seth says to Rose'
Now it's my fault, "Rose says to Seth'
I am not here to fight with you. "If you are, then bring your friend Danny to the Eveleigh house," Seth says as he walks in.
Seth was going to get out of the house. Mrs. Green stops him.
You are not staying for dinner, "Jannet asks him'
Before, Seth answered Mrs. Green. Rose speaks up.
He is not hungry. Rose says to her mother, "He is just here to invite me to the party."
Where you are throwing the party, "Mr. Green asks to Seth'
It's in the forest, "Rose says to Mr. Green'
What if? " Mrs Green tells them, '
Mia says to Mr. Green, "She herds wrong. It will be in Eveleigh House."
C'mon sit here, Can you tell me where is the party" Mr. Green asks Seth'
It's in Everleigh House. I am telling the truth, you have to trust me."
You know, that forest is out of limit and It's also dangerous because wild animals live there, "Mr. Green tells Seth'
Those are just stories, 'dad''' Mia says to her father'
No, those aren't just stories because many children went missing in the forest, and how can you forget Rose, who has nightmares after being lost in the forest? She is not the same after that night" Mrs. Green says to Seth.
The forest area is forbidden for a reason. We made that decision for a reason, "Mr. Green says to Seth'
'Sir' you have to believe me" Seth says to Mr. Green'
You are staying for dinner because dinner is ready, "Mrs. Green says to Seth'
They went to the kitchen. Nate pulls Rose's hand and asks her to stay with him at the TV launch.
What's wrong with you? You will ruin everything, "Nate says to Rose'
Listen, it's not my fault because you did not tell me that don't talk to anyone about this because it's a secret, "Rose says to Nate'
Both of you knock it off because "Dad is watching you from the kitchen," Mia says to Nate'
Look what you did now. He calls his police friend and he will follow you all night. He will never leave us alone for a second, "Nate says to Rose'
Don't blame me because if you want this secret, tell your friend not to come here and brag about it" Rose says to Mia'
Why are you saying that to me" Mia asks Rose'
Don't pretend because you have a crush on him since the school. Am I wrong" Rose says to Mia'
I am going to eat some because she lost her mind completely' Mia says to Nate'
They attended the dinner. After the dinner Seth walks out the house. They heard car drive off. They went to sleep.

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