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In the land of stone heart is being threaten and the ones that can save their world is a group of 7 people. Called the rainbow hoods but will they be able to find each other and stop the dark lord Radcliff. Can a girl named Annie-mal be the leader and save her home. Find out in this series.

Fantasy Dark Fantasy Not for children under 13. © I am the write of all the story's and characters.
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The Take over

The world of Stone Heart is an unusual place, where things of the past and things of the future live side by side with each other. You see, the people of Stone heart were ruled by a kind, calm and wise king. His name was Cyrus but this king didn’t rule by himself. He had his beloved queen and wife, Alora and their 7 wonderful children.

The royal family was happy but it wasn't to last because a dark evil was growing in the Blood Red Mountain. The cruel lord Raddcliff, the master of the creators named Red Eyes, the brother of king Cyrus. Redcliff wanted the crown for himself. At this time the king's cunning brother had been planning for years and now was the time to act because It was the youngest daughter 12 birthday. The whole kingdom would be celebrating and wouldn't be ready for attack. That is why he had to act now.

On a day of celebration was about to be turned into today of fear and pain. The children of the king were in the main hall where they all played with one other. The hall was along with golden spirals that helped to hold up the high ceiling. The walls were as white as snow and the floor was black marble that shined bright enough that it showed your reflection on the floor. At the end of the hall there were two giant main doors that were locked at the time. The siblings were named Kage, also known as Dark, Sunny, Daisy, Nolly, Aira, Misty, and Annie-mal. They loved each other dearly and would do anything for each. But little did they know that their love was about to be tested. As the 7 of them played, the monsters were on their way. Kage grabbed Annie-mal and started to tickle her.

“ I have the birthday girl!” he yelled.

“Kage stop!” “HAHAH!” Annie-mal got out as she squealed.


The two big main doors shuddered at the impact of an unknown force just out the door. The fear spread through the room Annie-mal looked to her older siblings who were behind her.


The door shuck harder at the force of the monsters that were slamming agestes the door trying to break it open. Kage saw the fear in his sister's eyes and knew that they needed to do something. Kage spoke with an urgency in his voice.



This time the door started to buckle at the impact. The girls got up and ran for cover and someplace to hide. Annie-mal, the youngest of them, looked up at her big sister Misty who was a year older than her and was holding her hand. Misty long sea blue hair flowed behind her as they ran and her piercing sea green eyes showed just how scared she was. Her skin was darker toned then some of her sisters, and she was tall for her age. Misty and Annie-Mal finale stopped when they came to the big wood library doors. Misty helps Annie-mal open the doors to the library, Annie-mal starts to go in when she realizes that Misty was not going in with her. Misty smiles at her sister sweetly and shuts the doors to the library before Annie-mal could say something. Little did they know that would be the last time they would see each other for a very long time.

Kage was at the main door watching and waiting for the door to break open and whatever those monsters were to come out. Kage didn’t have to wait long. Within a few minutes the door shattered into a million splinters.

The creatures named Red Eyes flooded into the castle within minutes, how the Red Eyes got their name is a mysterious some say it was the dark lord Radcliff that was the one who named them, others say it’s because that is all you can see of them. Whatever the case maybe there was on arguing the fact that the Red eyes could make a grown man weep in fear. Kage fought bravely against many of the monsters but in the end he was pinned to the ground by a few of the enemy. Kage looked up though his short stringy hair that was black as night, his thin body felt the bitter cold of the floor that he was held against. His ruby colored eyes saw a figure that was cloaked in long black garments. Wielding a sath that could cut through anything. The figure reaches for their hood and puts it down to reveal their face. The figure was a man that looked to be around his 40's. He was clean shaven, his hair was raven black peppered with gray. But his eyes show how dark his soul truly was. They were stormy gray but had skales for his pupils. The man looked at Kage with a look of amusement.

“So this is the prince of Stone Heart?” He took a minute before he spoke again.

“You don’t look like much, boy.” He spat at Kage. the man then chuckles to himself.

“Of course,what was I thinking?”

“it’s Cyrus' son,so yes he wouldn’t be much at all.” This made Kage felt anger and rage.

“Who are you?” He belts out at the man. The man stopped chuckling and looked at him with confusion. The man took a moment to think of an answer.

“I’m your worst nightmare boy!”

The man then looks at Kage’s gem of power that all stone keepers have. He then reached out for the gem and pulled it out which then turned Kage to a stone stachea. The man then put the gem into a small bag. He then looked to his minions and spoke.

“Take the boy out into the country yard, He will make a good ornament out there”.

“I have to find my brother, take my crown”.

This torment continued into the midday. Radcliff won but there was one that was still free. Annie-mal was still in the library and no one seemed to know she was there until the door opened with a creek. It was a Red Eye after a few minutes it spotted Annie-mal and had her by her shoulders.

“You are coming with me, little girl”.

Within minutes Annie-mal was in the throne room. The “new” king was sitting on the throne. Annie-mal looked at the man with confusion.

“ Who are you?”

The man laughed at her question as if it was a joke. It took him a moment to stop himself and look at her again.

“ You don’t know who I am?” he said in a cold tone. Annie-mal nodded shyly as an answer. He took a deep breath and then spoke.

“I am lord Radcliff my dear.”

“Let me tell you a story, my flower, a long time ago there lived brothers and sons of a king.” the oldest was stupid and soft, the younger was smart and strong he was the one that was to be crowned to be the next king, but because the younger choice to rule with a iron hand. So by the decision of the king, his older brother took the crown that was that rightful his. And if you can't tell I was the younger brother and your father is my brother.” Annie-mal’s eyes widened as she realized what he was saying.

“You're my uncle?!”

Annie-mal shouted through the great throne room. Her voice echoed back to her ear in a lower tone than she had just used. Annie-mal’s mind went so fast she could keep up with it. Her heart pounded in her chest as she tried to make sense of what was happening. After what seemed like an eternity she finally looked at her uncle who seemed to be studying her.

“Well, my dear you and I will be living together from now on.” her uncle said just above a whisper.

Annie-mal looked at him confused. “ What do you mean, where is my family?” her voice getting louder with each word.

Her uncle just laughed and said “ My name is Lord Radcilff and you my dear are lucky I don’t turn you to stone too.”

He waved a hand that signaled the Red Eyes to lead her out of the throne room. “Let her go anywhere she wishes and leave the girl alone. Just don't let her come back in here or the county yard without my permission.” and Annie-mal was shown out of the throne room.

Annie-mal knew it was late so she went to her bedroom. It was a huge room with a medium sized bed in the center of the room, her dresser was on the right of the wall close to the door. Her room was painted a ruby red, her favorite color. To the back of the room was abalone that looked out to the Crystal Forest and the Gem Lake. The left side of Annie-mal's room was the vanity that her mother gave her the year before, her mom would do her hair at that vanity every day but now she had to do that on her own. She started to pace the floor back and forth in front of the mirror while she played with her heart necklace that her parents gave her as a sign of their love for her and in a way it was her tell. A thing she did when she was thinking of some or trying to solve a problem.

She kept pacing for a few more minutes. Then stop right in front of the mirror. Annie-mal looked into the mirror, she didn’t look like any of her siblings. She was tall for 12 years old, she was pale skinned and her eyes weren't the same color as her hair. Her hair was brown and her eyes were bright green. To be honest she looked more like a human than a Stone Keeper. If it wasn't for the stone that was placed prominently on the side of her face. It was a sigh of all Stone Keepers, a mark of power, the gem shining in the fading sunlight. The gem was the color red no one knew what power that meant.

That made Annie-mal feel even more odd. The sky showed that the sun was gone and it was for bed. So she went to her dresser and found her PJ's. They were red with pink hearts. Her favorite pair of PJ’s. Within a few seconds she was dressed and ready for bed. Annie-mal climbed into her bed and under cover. She looked out the window and watched the moon in the sky and thought of her mother who should be in to tuck her in for the night. After a while she drifted off to sweetened deams.

The next morning Annie-mal woke to the shining sun shining through her window. She got out of bed and went to her dresser. She was about to pick out her outfit for the day. When there was a knock at her bedroom door. Annie-mal looked at her door and spoke.

“ Hello, who is there?”

Someone on the other side of the door replied.

“ My name is Lily, my Lady. I’m your new Lady in waiting.”

Annie-mal forgot that she was to get her first lady in waiting the day after her birthday. Annie-mal took a moment to think, and then after what felt like an hour, she finally spoke.

“ Please come in, Lily and you can call me Annie-mal none of that my lady stuff please.”

The door opened and a young girl Annie-mal walked into view. Lily was short for her age and looked like she was human which was strange because the lady in wait was usually a lower class stone keeper. But that didn't care she now had someone to talk to about what was going on out there in stone heart and maybe even help. Lily’s long black hair was down her back; her dress was a sunny yellow with a gold hat to match. Her eyes were a dark brown and her skin was milk chocolate color.

Annie-mal was happy to see a new face. Annie-mal walked over and before Lily knew it Annie -mal had her in a big hug. Lily didn’t hesitate to return the hug to Annie-mal’s superaise. But Annie-mal was grateful for her not pulling away and then she heard the loud cries from Lily. Annie-mal pulled away to look at Lily, her eyes were a light brown and puffy from crying. Annie-mal wanted to know why Lily was crying so she spoke to the meack girl that stood before her.

“What’s wrong?” she spoke like she was a mother speaking to their small child that just had a bad dream.

Lily didn’t reply and instead she shook her head to show she didn’t want to talk about it . so Annie-mal left it be, but she would find out but not until years later why her soon to be dearest friend cried that day.

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