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Gabriel and Nicolaos met several years ago, when Gabe was too young to understand what he was feeling, or the strange bond that was growing between them. The hot nights in Greece were wonderful while it lasted, but events and Nico's brother Demosthenes transpired against them. Now it is several years later and the two star-crossed lovers have crossed paths again. Nicolaos is determined to keep a firm hold on the things most precious in life to him. For seven hundred years he has toed the line and ensured that not only his family, his clan, but all of his kind are able to function alongside humans without detection. Finding Gabriel, his soulmate, his Agapitos, he has found someone infinitely more precious to fight for. When Nico is abducted by his villainous uncle, exposing a plot to take over the human world and rule the vampire world as its king, Gabe reveals his deepest secret... his inner beast... his tiger. After which al bets are off. He claims Nicolaos, the most powerful vampire Archn in the world, and refuses to even let his own clan near. Hopefully, the strong-willed vampire will be able to talk some sense into his mate before any real problems arise, and the two will be able to find the peace of love and understanding they desire in each others arms. In the meantime sparks are sure to fly. Set in modern day western North America (I'm still deciding on California or Oregon) Takes on the task of showing how modern times would affect supernatural beings an just how much like the rest of us "normal" eople they really are. Of course you never can tell if your neighbors that stay in all day really are normal... right?

Paranormal For over 18 only.

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Table of Contents

Stories are in oder of appearance in Series

1. Under the Grecian Sun

2. Shiftless Warrior

3. Omega's Trial

4. Hidden in Plain Sight

5. Define Real

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