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This is the story of Simon who fell sick when he was about to start enjoying his life but the wrong decision he took made his wife a widow.

Short Story Not for children under 13.

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Simons tale


Simon was the first son of his family who dropped out of school because of a lack of funds for him to continue. Shortly after that, he met rose who was helping her mum sell orange and other fruits at the main road at night. Rose was not going to school too because her father died when she was a child from an auto crash and her mother's income wasn't enough to send her to school.

As they continue seeing themselves, they both fell in love and were ready for anything that would emanate from it. Simon was determined that their relationship would rise above all odds and they would be an envy to many. Did that happen?

Simon saved up money and travelled abroad to seek for greener pastures. Life became better, he sent Rose back to school. Six years down the line Rose became a graduate and they started discussing their marriage modalities.

It sounds so like a perfect love story, the truth is that they were admired by many especially when Simon came back and they got wedded. Rose has remained faithful and the relationship blossoms even more with the sacrifices, faithfulness, and selflessness from both parties.

Soon they were expecting a baby. Simon wanted to welcome his baby before traveling again and his family will finally relocate with him. Simone felt sick and his wife rushed to the close-by medicine shop to get malaria drugs for her darling husband, the love of her life. Simon took the drugs, felt better, and was up again but noticed he was always getting tired, and before we could suspect anything the sickness came back. This time it wasn't that he was just feeling weak, he was finding it difficult to breathe. Rose was scared so guess what she did, they rushed Simon to the hospital and the doctor ran some tests and began treatment for malaria and typhoid.

The doctor treated them without improvement and he was referred to the teaching hospital and some investigations were done. The result suspected that he had just developed kidney failure. That was the first time the husband and wife paid attention to what kidney failure was. They have heard of kidney failure but have not been close enough to understand the financial implications and health outcomes. They never imagined that it would happen to them.

The doctor said they would be needing 2 units of blood and a dialysis session that will cost 50 thousand. The doctor explained that Simon would be better off after the first three sessions. They provided money and zoom the session started. While in the dialysis unit Rose wanted to find out from a nurse about how her husband was doing and what to expect after the session. The nurse explained that this is more likely to be chronic kidney failure and not acute. He further explained that Simon would need to be on dialysis for life or get a transplant.

After the first session, they signed against medical advice and left the hospital. They went to a prayer Mountain where the seer told them she has a solution to the problem that it was spiritual and doesn't require any treatment in the hospital. She shared testimonies of how she has healed people with similar challenges and this one wouldn't be an exception.

Hopes were high, who wouldn't believe a spiritualist with a track record of consistent success. For them, this sounded like the last bus stop and best option.

but as the day passes by Simone's case becomes worse. All the feelings he complained about earlier came back. The wife who was pregnant was trying her best with food money etc. By looking at her you will know that she didn't plan for this sickness, she didn't see it coming in her first year of marriage. Even if it would come it would have been when they would be in their 70s. Despite this, her hope was high. Simon would get better but one day she got a call that her husband had convulsions. That the people after her husband's life came and they defeated them. The convulsions repeated over and over again and Simon was unconscious couldn't do anything for himself and the seer told them he has been healed spiritually that they can now go to the hospital to seal the healing.

When they got to the teaching hospital, he was placed on oxygen and a pipe through the nose. He has not passed stool for a long time and also needs emergency dialysis.

Now the wife came in with other relatives and the sessions were about to start the oxygen in the body started to go down. The doctors and nurses tried so hard to resuscitate Simon but he couldn't make it. Simon died.

When the news got to the wife she cried and lamented. Telling me the story I just told you.

The truth is that kidney failure can be prevented, you don't know the future it can happen to anyone at any point in time regardless of how strong you think you may be now.

While you wait on God for a Miracle you can listen and work with your doctor's advice. Your miracle should meet you in the land of the living.

DISCLAIMER; This story is a product of the author's imagination. He, therefore, is not answerable to any resemblance to actual events or coincidence with names and places.

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