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What is a Fairy-Tale Ending? No Really, what is it? Is It what happens when they faced the main first problem and solve it, but what happens afterward? What is the effects of afterward? Is the ending really the ending? Those that are the Forest-Born, they do not think so. After all, as long as The Forest exist, there is always events connected to it.

Fantasy Not for children under 13.

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Hey Guys

Those the the author of this story. Thanks for all of you who have been waiting.

Its been a busy year for me, but I will be rewriting this story under a new serial name "Forest-Born."

What does this mean? It means that I will have taken this story, given it a rewrite, add some more content in between chapters and more before I can safely and happily continue. That will unfortunately mean more waiting but that means that when you see this story again, it will be a available for purchase soon.

Fortunately it will mean that when I am happy where I am, I will be dumping a whole lot of more chapters here before they are also rewritten. And let me tell you, the story does not end with Red. Not even close.

Thank you guys for waiting. You'll hear from me soon!

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To be continued... New chapter Every Wednesday.

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