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What is a Fairy-Tale Ending? No Really, what is it? Is It what happens when they faced the main first problem and solve it, but what happens afterward? What is the effects of afterward? Is the ending really the ending? Those that are the Forest-Born, they do not think so. After all, as long as The Forest exist, there is always events connected to it.

Fantasy Not for children under 13.

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Deep in the Woods. 1.1

There was always something in the woods...always. There was nothing else that could be done to the woods, due to the constant influx of magic and magical people that walked into the woods thinking that they would be the ones getting to the core of the place. Only to die.

Sarah didn't think that anyone that wanted to go in there to brave the woods was smart, but then she would have to include her family into this. 

They were what others would call "Forest-born" the ones that were born in the forest, that was linked to the forest, and would one day die in the forest. Her grandmother, the current "resident" of the forest, was one of the few people that could go in and out of the forest as long as she played by its ever-changing rules. Living deep enough in the woods where no one but her and her mother could go and communicate to the old woman. 

So hearing that there was "wolves" in the forest as her mother suited up to leave did not make her blink. She was, as usual, just fixing the things in the back of the house, including the Crier's Tree and The Wishing Pond. 

If only she known what would happened.

She would have told her mother, this time, to look out for the thing in the woods.

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