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Yuh deven know

Two souls gradually emerge together without knowing it. Clustered with unidentified emotions, but animosity is shown exteriorly. Trying to reach a mutual understanding, showing others that feelings are reciprocal but indecisiveness gets the best of them. After dark they fondly get intimate releasing the doubt and reluctancy of approaching each other in public that they bottled up inside.

Thet both met their climax as they saw sacred physicality, heard pure but also divine intentions, tasted the truth and felt nothing else than relevancy. Overwhelmed with joy and pain never have they ever got so close and on the other hand they would have realized that they'll have to go back to reality. Twilight is approaching swiftly will they go back home or will they remain; these are the thoughts of a nearby spy watching and getting caught up in the romance.

"Quickly!, he said before your caught" as he cautiously climb down the cliff desperately trying to warn the souls only to see that they aren't there. Trapped in his own thoughts askings his self is this a figment of his imagination only to hear a gush of wind past saying thank you.

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To be continued...

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