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A master mind serial killer seeks victims and puts them in house to toy with and kill hunted by athoeities his master plan might be foiled by survivors

Horror Gothic horror For over 18 only.

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Clean and Sober

a room for rent in the city of Seattle Washington rent $500 cash.

Ruth Baker was found dead in her kitchen foul play and a murder investigation. the 12 houses she owned now up for auction and the price is right for the right buyer. Maxwell Foster was a shady guy from the Beginning who would of thought that there where darker shades to this man. a clean and sober! what money he could make if all twelve houses did well with taxes the way they are it was a no brainer. very little was needed for the remodel as Maxwell found himself the new owner. couldn't be more pleased. there was a cold chill that day as well noted by Maxwell in the auction house an older man in his late fifties Maxwell was the healthiest he has ever been.

when Maxwell got home there was a message on his phone from an unknown caller "It is time to begin my Game" odd Maxwell took it as a joke some sort of creepy jest. however the timing was what made Maxwell stop. as he looked out to his car it wasn't there Maxwell called 911 reporting his vehicle stolen he mentioned the message to the police. the auction was the only positive and all Maxwell could think of untill this prankster got what was coming to him. remodeling 12 houses and rentivating to the lowliest people was not going to be stopped by a car thief. how did he get my number?

Ruth Foster of God and Monsters this ain't your bony and clyde Duo Jem and Jenny are a different kind of people. criminals with a selective taist murderers and thieves virtually invisible since they prey on those in the margins of the law probates and porolees they began as scam arrest and needed something bigger for each other's effection.

how does one enter the life of a criminal does he so knowing he is commiting or is there a code that transcends the law like love that transcends all and is said to be the highest law. Jem awoke in a cold swet hoping to be alone. five minute ago he was complete his life seemed perfect. going down together wasn't what he had planned however Jenifer was in love and nothing could separate them not even a stand off with the feds. getting out of bed to see Jenifer hovering the coffee pot Jem interrupted her heavy gaze into the pot. we will die together no one showed for the stand off Jenifer mumbled they are waiting for something bigger. we screwed up. we didn't miss anything Jem interrupted. they have been killing each other until now.

the plan was easy in and out use a fall guy and go back in when someone is fingered as a thief. they kill each other already Jem what is it to you if they do it when we rob them. it doesn't Jem explained just don't want to be the guy they finger. there is always someone else to blame leave it to me to blame the right guy Jennifer walked over to a board of pictures. you look like a cop Jem murmered well think like a criminal and get taxed. we aren't the bad guys Jem we are robbing them.

letting things go Jennifer set out to the office where she could keep tabs. Jem went to his usual watering hole to find another finger he didn't know that anything was wrong until he stumbled out slanted vishion haisy blurs of people following him he could count three, a beet down, or a robbery, or something else completely. not finding his feet Jem stumbled and fell to his face. you okay man one of the stockers asked as the other two picked him up and placed him in the trunk of a nearby car. under sedation the lack of breathable air doesn't effect the drowsy subdued victim. This was not planned and Jem knew nothing about what was to happen. the three climbed into the car and drove into the night. Jem crying out in gasps hoping the muffled yelps would rescue him. suddenly the car stopped and the trunk creaked. popping sounds of gunfire blurted through the car as Jem was stuck in the trunk. a fight was brewing and if his kidnappers died no one was going to know he was there. about an hour passed as Jem drifted in and out thinking of his home before he met Jennifer before he came to America he chose the name Jem and kept it his real name doesn't matter anymore Jem thought as he was going to die suffocating in the trunk of this sedan. two more blops of a gun and hushing feet to the trunk it popped open. a dark figure stood over Jem as the straps of thin plastic where places on Jem's wrists Ransome Jem asked in a pleating voice. No. no? this isn't a rescue either. bait for the master of those three men over there the man pointed at a heap of flesh that was chopped into equal chunks and placed sarimoniously as a religious jesture to an enimy. Wait here the man demanded as he pulled out his phone. Killed you bruisers and got your goat. come and get some. The man hung up the phone and pulled Jem to his feat we walk this way and you go home. just beyond site was a office trailer for a construction crew the light was dim and looked abandoned when they aproached. you will be okay you will go home. Need to kill these men. The door closed behind the man as Jem was strapped to the desk inside. pops of gunfire in the distance and Jem knew that this was worse then he thought. he needed to get back to Jennifer. the man came back and cut Jem lose as he turned a dark figure was standing in the doorway the hostage keeper darted but it was to late something sharp peirced the man's neck as he fell he blurted run. Grabbing anything he could find, Jem found a rench smashed into the dark and bolted past the shadow clutching his weapon Jem ran down the dirt road knowing only that this place was right outside of town and he could make it back to the bar in time for closing if he ran Jennifer was to meet him outside when she colared the finger. this was bad news for the both of them.

Waking up in a room for rent was slightly disorienting the pest control was coming and the calander said that the cable guy was coming to hook up two new rooms in this new remodeled home. the rules are as simple as reading dishes, vacuume, sanitize, Garbage. nothing more simple. the strange behavior from the house manager Steven Janks didn't seem to bother the other tenants and neither should it bother Frank he just got out of prison and did not want to go back. his conditional release aloud no budging on any of the house rules. Frank was grateful to be out. an oily stain in his carpet reminded Frank of the trailer he lived in a coffee spill or something Frank thought nothing of it on his way down to the common room. it somehow effected him as it didn't quite fit as coffee. anouncment was posted in the common room "Recently we have had to change the locks if anyone sees anything suspicious contact the landlord Maxwell we apologize for this inconvenience" the phone number was also posted with the notice. Frank quietly made his breakfast did his chore and signed out to go to work. his car door was open and the engine was running not knowing better Frank climbed in and as he reached for his phone felt a sticky sharp point entering his neck it was a hyperdermic needle Frank in a state of shock faded into black.

a plan is a sceem than plays out to it's Finnish the tricky thing about a plan that includes screwing over the most dangerous people ever is you have to have a reference in reality. small time crooks with a rap sheet know people even if they don't know what they really do. this plan intailes finding what these people do and not giving anything away to those who can put you in prison. None of this was meant to go where it did and that is the problem. who is really to blame after all these are the worse people on the planet.

The leader of the band hearing of people on the fringe Jem was eagar to know More about the band members of Death Rattle drinking at the bar just to talk to Richard Edgar knowing nothing of what he was offering the two kept talking. key feature in finding prey was knowing what they had in common with normal people. the band needed a roady and Jem was in the position to fill that need Jennifer set up the meeting and Jem was ready. within a week Jen and Jem Stuart will be tracking down their first vigilante looking for a victim of his own.

The bounty hunter came in as it was written noted and agreed apon. Extra security was needed at most of the one night stands and it was in the favor of the prey not to be noticed so under the table and out of the way was perfect for gathering information on who and what. making friends was easy it was keeping them interested in each other that at times was difficult the cover had everything with the low life persona that Jem was holding. he needed to get close and stay close to those with a seemingly clean records with vises they could not hide. sex drugs and rock and roll. the first real hit on a real bag was on the second night with the roadies his name was Jeff and he was a sucker for cocaine a possible thief already telling stories of other gigs he worked at and talking in third person as if someone else was telling the stories. oh this last job he went on had this guy that knew Jeff and wanted Jeff to hold for him so on and so forth he continued on for another night before Jennifer met him and squared him for the fall if anything Jennifer explained he will be talking about Jeff on fish row. Byran was a hard man to figure out but when Jeff disappeared it was clear that Byran was why Jeffrey Willis was gone the finger was another member of the roadies names Bailey good guy easily mislead almost pathetic however honest in all he was able to account and that was the hook. being completely transparent as the finger rises and the guy with most to lose loses it all. Byran sold the drugs and collected only one place for Jeff.

what, how Jennifer this guy isn't dead is he? do we really want to know Jennifer asked comfortably if he's in the wire I will know hot or not he's got beef and he is missed in prison.

Frank wasn't the only tenant missing there where two other tenants that never showed up to the house interview it seemed to be random until Franklyn disappeared. Frank's porole officer presumed Frank to be dead he has a perfect porole record and was requesting a seel on his records, Frank's family sent a missing persons after there was no ward of him at any of his known affiliations. this startled Maxwell since Frank was the last person he saw before his car, that Maxwell reported stolen over a month ago was sitting outside his house this morning "Is this the game the thief was talking about? Frank has been missing now three weeks and there is suspicion of foul play.

It was an eery thought that passed over the house as members of the clean and sober where missing they're probation officers where in a scramble as it appeared that they had obscounded a bolo went out and the manager considered them missing persons since the men had reduced sentences as well as at the end of their probation. an odd chill filled the empty rooms and suddenly Maxwell had realized that he was next. All went black as something struck him from behind. an empty house for porolees and probates now a mystery and abandoned. Department of Corrections looked no further and rejected applicants from this house. Months when by as it seemed that everyone walked away. no sign of life until one day Cliff Jordan stepped in to work this was his doing and a clear state of idleness was the decaying walls and rooms of this newly haunted house. his rules included a place to hurt his victims. No better trap then a revived clean and sober. Cliff was in his erge to kill and he preyed on the Shure thing. probates and porolees. he hummed and the thought had a musical tune as cliff found his way through a melody of meyham he started clearing out the rooms. memories of pleading washed over cliff as he found the things his prey held onto for hope giggling about it from time to time as he heaped piles of effects into large garbage cans. a king in his stolen domain. all the papers where right and not just the news he had rights to this house and none of it was the way it seemed. torture, and fantisy, Cliff was high on his achievements and soon his victims will be thanking him for taking them in.

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To be continued... New chapter Every Wednesday.

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Daniel Scott West I am a writer who is enspired to write novels have experience writing poetry and shirt stories I have been writing for over twenty years and look forward to publishing one day.

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